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NPR program broadcasts MUSC interviews statewide

By Dawn Brazell | News Center | March 14, 2013

NPR radio interview

Radio host Bobbi Conner interviews Dr. Thomas Keane as part of a radio series with MUSC experts on NPR.

   Whether tackling the issues of childhood obesity or independent life skills for senior citizens, the “Your Day” program on National Public Radio will be featuring experts from the Medical University of South Carolina to explore advances on a wide range of topics.
    Conducting the interviews is Bobbi Conner, former host of the nationwide, syndicated public radio program, “The Parent’s Journal.” The interviews will be featured twice a month every other Monday on the radio program, which is broadcast from noon to 1 p.m. The following is the schedule of topics and a question-and-answer interview with Conner about the show.

Q. How did you become involved with this series and what do you like about it?
A. I was contacted about hosting these MUSC medical interviews when this project was in the planning stage with the producers of the “Your Day”, statewide public radio program.   It’s an exciting project and a terrific fit for my public broadcast specialty of interviewing experts about information related to health and medical topics.
Q. Why should people tune in?
A. The MUSC experts interviewed in this series of interviews are top experts in their field. Listeners will hear about the latest medical advances and new treatments. They will hear about lifestyle choices to improve their health.  They will also hear the latest updates about preventing disease, too.  There is a real potential for the information in these medical interviews to positively impact listeners' lives.  That’s the most exciting thing about this new project from my perspective.  
Q.  What do you like about the series?
A. All of the medical experts interviewed for this series offer the latest medical information in a very listener-friendly, down-to-earth style. And also, we cover a wide array of medical topics relevant to the lives of our listeners. One listener might hear about new, state-of-the-art medical treatment for loss of vision at just the right time in his life.  Another listener may get a boost of motivation to finally stop smoking from a conversation she hears with an MUSC smoking cessation expert. A frazzled parent listening might get a dose of reassurance that her healthy food choices really do make a difference to her child’s health.   A senior citizen listening might hear important lifestyle and health tips related to the goal of independent living. 

    Upcoming sessions are:

  • March 25 – Childhood Obesity with expert Janice Key, M.D., professor of pediatrics and director of School and Community-Based Programs at the Boeing Center for Children's Wellness at MUSC.
  •  April 8 – Video Teleconferencing Mental Health Services for Veterans with expert Hugh Myrick, M.D., an associate professor of psychiatry in the Military Sciences Division at MUSC and associate chief of staff of the Mental Health Service Line at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Charleston.
  • April 22 – Tips for Independent Living for Senior Citizens with William Moran, M.D., the McKnight Professor of Aging and Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at MUSC.

The following is a list of SCETV- radio stations broadcasting “Your Day”: WRJA-FM/88.1 Sumter, WNSC-FM/88.9 Rock Hill, WLJK-FM/89.1 Aiken, WJWJ-FM/89.9 Beaufort, WHMC-FM/90.1 Conway, WSCI-FM/89.3 Charleston, WEPR-FM/90.1 Greenville and WLTR-FM/91.3 Columbia.



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