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MUSC MyChart helps patients manage their care

By Megan Fink | Public Relations | October 21, 2013

My ChartWhen you choose an MUSC primary care doctor, you will have access to MUSC MyChart, our new website and app that help you manage your health records, appointments, prescriptions and more.
Sarah Pack 

With the click of a computer button, Julie Harbin can compare her latest blood test with former labs so to track the growth of cancerous tumors. Now in her second battle with ovarian cancer, this small action gives Harbin more power and control than ever before in her treatment.

MUSC clinicians had told Harbin about MUSC MyChart, and she was pleasantly surprised to discover this patient portal had her entire medical record in one place for her to view - even results of some tests, upcoming appointments and email capabilities.

Staying connected

Harbin lives in Murrells Inlet and finds the ability to write a quick note to her care team from home extremely beneficial. She, like other MUSC MyChart users, can also print this information to share with her primary care physician or OB/GYN.

“I like the comfort and security that doctors I trust are all on the same page,” said Harbin. “It gives me confidence. I can reach out to anyone on my care team if I have a question not requiring urgent attention, saving me from having to call the hospital and search for the right person.”

During a time when a patient feels most vulnerable, timely information can empower. Progress can be seen weeks before the next clinic visit. Communication also continues between visits. Harbin’s oncologist is Jennifer Young Pierce, M.D. Pierce can send Harbin an alert via email telling her she has a new note from her to review.

“MyChart is a great way to keep in touch with patients and provide them protected online access to appointment information, results, and direct communication with their care team,” said Pierce.  “As use of MyChart increases, I believe it will improve patient satisfaction and decrease time on the phone for the patient and the physician.”

Julie Harbin 

Easy to use

MUSC MyChart is an intuitive online tool. If you can use a computer, you can use MUSC MyChart. Many MUSC MyChart users are 60 and older, with several patients in the 90s accessing their information electronically. Online health management tools also are popular with younger generations.

“If health care systems don’t use the Internet to reach out to their patients, they’re going to be left behind,” explained Harbin. “Younger people expect it. MUSC is a leader.”

A MUSC MyChart support team is available to answer your technical questions along the way. Clinical questions should be directed to your care team and for urgent matters, dial 911.  

Signing up

Currently, MUSC MyChart access is granted to patients when they visit an MUSC clinic. If you have visited your MUSC provider since May 2012 and would like to activate an MUSC MyChart account, please contact the MUSC MyChart support team via email, or call (843)792-3111. If you have not visited an MUSC clinic since May 2012, please request an MUSC MyChart account at your next visit.

For more information about MUSC MyChart, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or check out the MUSC MyChart homepage at

Megan Fink is Epic Program Communications Manager for MUSC



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