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Experts reveal zombie makeup tips for a good cause

By Dawn Brazell | Public Relations | September 13, 2013

zombieCasey Lever transforms into a zombie to show off makeup tips from the organizers of Boone Hall Plantation's Fright Nights, which added a 5K zombie run this year.
Sarah Pack 

It may not seem zombies and MUSC Children’s Hospital have much in common, but for one day, Sept. 22, they will.

A new addition to the traditional Boone Hall Fright Nights held each fall is a 5K Running Scared event that will benefit MUSC’s children’s hospital. The course will go through the zombie-infested woods of Boone Hall Plantation and end up in Zombie Town,  a set designed to mimic the television shows of deserted towns left in the wake of zombie attacks.

This health clinic in Boone Hall Plantation Fright Nights' Zombie Town may not be the best place to go for care. 

It’s all in good fun, said Trey Smith, owner of Dream Vision Entertainment productions, which handles Boone Hall Fright Nights every year. Smith was looking for a way to kick off the event and decided the zombie run was the perfect way. When it came to picking a charity, MUSC Children’s Hospital came right to mind.

“The reason I and Boone Hall chose them is because of the incredible work they do here in Charleston. They’re local and do incredible stuff for the children. We thought this would be a great way to give back to the community and help with the work they do.”

Those who register for the run are in one of three categories: A runner, a feasting zombie (who is hungry and tries to remove any of the three life flags hanging from a runner's waist band) or part of the zombie horde (decoy zombies along the route but who don’t pursue runners.) Runners will face obstacles and other challenges as they flee attacking zombies attempting to successfully cross the finish line and then join in on the Ultimate Zombie Bash Party.

 Trey Smith
 Trey Smith

Smith said runners who are used to setting a pace and sticking with it will find this run, which isn’t timed, to be a different kind of workout. The goal is to make it to the finish line without being infected or in other words, without having all flags taken. 

To do the event, Smith and his wife Traci had to get efficient at doing zombie makeup and coaching zombie acting, including how to do zombie running, a little tricky to learn with stiff, ‘rotting’ limbs. The accompanying video features some of their tips on how to quickly but effectively create a zombie look. Smith said they had to get quick about it because of the number of zombies they have to get into costume. Smith gives a quick tour of the zombie town they’ve created, complete with jump out zombies and desolate storefronts.

One of their costuming tips that aspiring zombie wannabes seem to love: Mix Hershey’s chocolate syrup with red food coloring or yogurt with green food coloring, take a big mouth full and spew it down your clothing. Smith smiles. It’s the small touches that make for great horror and special effects.

“I enjoy the creativity of it. We keep the theatrics as real as we can.”

The Running Scared 5K will be held from noon to 6 p.m. and the Zombie Bash from noon to 8 p.m. at Boone Hall Plantation. For more information about the run, visit Boone Hall Fright Nights' website.



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