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Drinking Data

wine glass

Research shows harsh reality of binge boozing by young and old

New treatments emphasize genetics, behavior and reducing drinking.

Flu Surge

flu clinic

Flu surge leads to opening of temporary clinic

An influx of flu cases plus pent-up medical care demand means new options for some patients. 

Bleeding Control

Regina Creech and class

Class empowers people to help after a mass shooting 

Bleeding control training is teaching South Carolinians how to save lives.


Stories Around Campus

Infection Questions

Sarah Larimore

Are some kids' neuropsychiatric disorders linked to strep infections?

Chilled Out

Jazmin Walker, her son E.J.

Get the inside story of how the MUSC Health team dealt with a rare snowstorm. 


Dr. Bailey and Dr. Paulos

Overlooked immune cells hold breakthrough for treating aggressive cancers.

Stroke Research

Dr. Andy Shih

Advanced imaging lets researchers study the changes happening during a stroke in real time.

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