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Medical Students

Elliott Calvert and Matthew DeMarco

Grabbing a few minutes of meditation between classes becomes part of routine 

A new wellness program takes a holistic approach to medical students' mental and physical health.

Eating Disorders  


New hope and new information for people suffering and their families

The head of the Friedman Center for Eating Disorders discusses the latest research and the treatment approach she thinks works best. 

Tobacco Reports   

hand  holds cigarette

Researcher wants to end cigarette use by adults in a generation  

Michael Cummings also hopes to keep kids from becoming addicted in the first place, focusing on flavored tobacco products.


Stories Around Campus

Telehealth Patient  

Allie Martin

This little girl's exam before a crowd that included a state lawmaker demonstrated the value of telehealth.

Autism Study   

Dr. Richard Silver

A large, innovative project sparks optimism about the chance for better treatments for autism spectrum disorders. 

Project Quit

Read about Project Quit, a program that helps smokers kick the habit

This team is conducting a half-dozen research studies aimed at people who want to stop smoking and smokers who aren't quite ready to quit.

Narcolepsy Research 

 Bingyu Zou, from left, and Emmaline Bendell join Dr. Meng Liu

Researchers target narcolepsy triggers as they work toward a cure for sleep disorders.

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