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Welcome to the College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. We are the only academic health sciences center in South Carolina, and thus we are on the cutting edge of health care practice, education and discovery.  At MUSC, we have the largest accelerated BSN degree nursing program in South Carolina, and thriving enrollment in our DNP and PhD programs of study. In fact, we are a leader in online graduate education, and in this way the MUSC College of Nursing “Fuels the Nursing Pipeline.”

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From The Desk of Dean Stuart

College of Nursing - Dean Stuart

Can you dance?

So during our fabulous Spoleto Festival I saw the Dorrance Dance Company, and wow is all that I can say. For an hour and a half I was mesmerized by tap dancing that was other worldly. A troop of a dozen dancers, mostly female, tapped and bounced their way into the heart and soul of the audience.

But I also was struck by a few notable and critical elements of their performance.

  • ENERGY – the amazing energy that electrified the stage
  • PRECISION – the need for exactness in each tap and each step and each body movement
  • TEAMWORK – when they danced together they created a rhythm and performance that had every member of the company perfectly in sync with each other and the overall dance
  • PASSION – the smiles and delight that exuded from the stage let the audience know that this was not a job for them. This was their passion and what they loved to do as often as they could.

That led me to think about our college and the performances we produce each and every day. Indeed we create our own dance built on our energy, precision, teamwork and passion, and it is as beautiful and creative as a Spoleto performance. And, like those dancers, we need to work hard each day to align our steps, execute our programs and engage our audiences in the "dance of nursing." Maybe it's not a booking in Spoleto but it is a booking in health care quality.

Finally, towards the end of the Dorrance program there was a long tap dance number done by one person who tap danced to jazz music but who was totally in the dark. Without visuals, the audience was compelled to listen only to the tap, tap, tap of the invisible feet and the music accompaniment. Invisible beauty and palpable energy – how like nursing was this interlude?

So my answer is yes – we, as nurses, can dance and we do so every day, without applause or accolades but with great energy, precision, teamwork, and passion – tap, tap, tap



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