MUSC’s RN-BSN program is unique in many ways as we strive to individualize the learning experiences to build on previous knowledge and to increase the scope of practice for each learner. During the third (and final) semester, students develop a QI project, working collaboratively with other students, faculty, practice partners, and community stakeholders. These projects are the culmination of the learning and professional growth that has occurred over the previous semesters. Led by Elaine Amella, PhD, RN, Brantlee Broome, PhD, RN, and Tese Stephens, PhD, RN, 42 students worked diligently over the summer to develop five projects that show great potential to improve the quality and safety of practice. These projects were recently on display at the Nursing Showcase, held on June 27 on MUSC’s Greenway, as part of MUSC’s Nursing Shared Governance Council. Three groups of students worked on the Imagine U: Building WellBeing Together employee wellness program, as part of MUSC’s Imagine 2020 initiative to build healthier communities. Students designed and implemented mobile screenings as part of their QI project. Working from the perspective of process improvement, RN-BSN students, along with faculty and ABSN students, conducted three mobile screenings on June 26, resulting in a wealth of data that will inform future Imagine U initiatives. Not only did they provide health screenings to over 70 MUSC employees, the faculty and students from the CON had the opportunity to collaborate with Imagine U key personnel and to interact with employees from across campus. As we strive to Change What’s Possible, our RN-BSN program is prioritizing compassion, integrity, respect, collaboration, and innovation.