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Consideration of Graduate Education

Dear Potential MUSC Graduate Nursing Student,

As fellow nurses and faculty of the College of Nursing (CON) at MUSC, we are very excited that you are considering a graduate degree in nursing.  Once accepted into the CON graduate program, we believe that you have a relationship with us that is bi-directional.  We are committed to your successful completion of the MUSC graduate nursing program and, ideally, you will be 100% committed to your plan of study.  Graduate degrees are rigorous as they provide intense specialized training in a field of study.

Because graduate work is challenging, we want to make sure you are well informed as you consider furthering your education in order to make sure it is the best choice for you.  We recognize that many students must work while attending school to support themselves and their families.  Although working may be necessary when attending school, many students have shared that it is difficult to balance work life with school life.  Whether working or not, the rigorous nature of graduate programs can be stressful.  Time management and organizational skills are vital in order to complete required online coursework and on- campus learning experiences.  Therefore, if you are planning a wedding, pregnancy, extended family vacation, or job change, this may not be the best time to enter into a graduate program of study

As CON graduate faculty we are not only educators, but also clinicians.  We understand the many obligations as well as dreams you have.  We are delighted to talk with you if you have questions about the CON Graduate Program and/or returning to graduate school.  Please contact our Program Coordinator, Libby Cole, and she will connect you with the appropriate faculty to speak with.  Best of luck to you as you explore graduate nursing education.  We look forward to working with you once accepted into the program!


MUSC CON Graduate Faculty

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