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New DNP Nursing Student Forms

Important New Student Items

Please read below about various compliance items that are required for new students.  We encourage you to get a step ahead prior to the start of classes on August 25, 2015, so the process will be smoother and less stressful on you.  Please check back here frequently for updates. 

NetID and MUSC Email
Once you've matriculated, you should already receive an email about your NetID which provides you access to computers and servers on MUSC's campus-wide network.  It is sent to the personal email address that was indicated on your application.  Please make sure to check your spam email folder in case it was recognized as that.  After 48 hours of the first email, you will receive another email with your password.  There will be instructions in that email about how to activate your NetID.  Once you activate your NetID, you will get a third email which contains information about your MUSC email account and other important web sites. If you are already a MUSC employee, you can use your current NetID.  If you graduated from the MUSC BSN program in May 2013 or you are an MUSC employee, your NetID will remain active.  If you have questions about the process, please send an email to You must have your NetID activated prior to orientation and to have access to E-Value, Moodlerooms, WebAdvisor, and CATTS (all listed below.)

Please make sure to check your MUSC email once you have gotten notification that your account has been set-up.  You can check MUSC email by going to this link

WebAdvisor allows you to access information about your academic career contained within the MUSC administrative database.  This is where you can check your student accounting information, course schedule, as well as your plan of study.  The link to WebAdvisor is

Moodlerooms Orientation
Moodlerooms is the online management system for the College of Nursing that you will use to access your courses.  A self-paced orientation of Moodlerooms must be completed prior to August 20th.  Please log into Moodle using your NetID and password at The courses are called Graduate Student Training and Orientation Prep. You will not have access to your fall courses until these courses are complete.  ALL students must complete this even if you are a previous MUSC student.

E-Value is an online software system/database that is used by students to upload necessary forms and requirements that are to be tracked by the College of Nursing.  It is also used for students to complete online evaluations for courses and instructors.  You will have access to E-Value sometime in July at   Please do not upload any items into E-Value until instructions are provided to you by our Compliance and Evaluation Officer, Gena Ryan.

The following requirements must be uploaded to E-Value.  Please refer back here at a later date in July with directions.

Severe Weather Form and Student Handbook Form
ALL students are required to complete and upload into E-Value the Severe Weather form and Student Handbook form indicating that you have read the Student Handbook and know where to access it when updates are made.  The College of Nursing Student Handbook is located here

CPR Card and RN License
A copy of your most current CPR card and current RN license must be uploaded E-Value.  If you do not have a current CPR card, please click here for more information.  Online students must have a current license in the state where they are doing their clinicals.  SC RN licenses can be pulled up at  A copy of this is acceptable as your RN license. 

CATTS (Computerized Annual Training and Tracking System)
All College of Nursing students must complete CATTS modules which include OSHA, HIPAA, and Students-Drug Free Act.  Please do NOT complete any modules in CATTS until you have been given instructions to do so.  You will be sent an email to your MUSC email account once these modules are available for you to complete sometime in August.  They are still in the process of setting these modules up, so even if you log in and see a due date for June, please do not complete the modules because you may have to end up doing them again once everything is reset in August. 

Student Health Packet
All students entering the Medical University of South Carolina must provide proof of immunizations and are required to have health insurance in the event of illness or injury.  Please click here for requirements and here for instructions.  Students not meeting these requirements will not be enrolled in classes.  If you are currently a MUSC employee, you must have your files transferred from Employee Health Services to Student Health Services (they will not automatically do this for you.)  For more information, please refer to the Student Health Services website

Drug Screen Test
A nine panel drug screen test is now required for ALL College of Nursing students, including prior MUSC students.  Please click here for instructions on how to get this completed.

Student ID Badges
ID Badges are made at the Office of Public Safety.  You will have time to get your ID Badge made during orientation (please refer to your specific orientation schedule.)  It is important to get your ID Badge made because you will need it when you come back to campus in the future.  There is a $10 fee for a lost ID Badge.

MyFolio - DNP students only
Another component of E-Value is an online portfolio system called MyFolio that DNP students will utilize throughout their courses.  More information about this system will be explained at orientation. 

Tuition is due August 24, 2015.  The 2015-2016 Academic Charges Schedule is available here. The highlighted gray portions are the fees MSN and DNP students will be charged depending on full or part-time status.  There will be a representative from financial aid speaking at orientation to help answer some of your questions, but it is highly suggested you complete a FAFSA form and have the financial aid office process it prior to orientation.  Their office number is (843)792-2536.

Methods of Payment
Please click here for the Student Accounting brochure which explains acceptable methods of payment.