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Ph.D. in Nursing Science Programs of Study

The Ph.D. in Nursing Science program offers two program plans: Full-time and part-time. Both programs require 36 semester hours of course work and 9 semester hours of dissertation.
  • Full-time students enroll in four consecutive semesters of course work, or 16 months of full-time study.  The dissertation is completed within the next 20 months, but can be extended if the research project requires more time.
  • Part-time students spread the 36 semester hours of course work over 28 months and complete the dissertation in the next 20 months. Again, the dissertation period can be extended.
  • For both programs, all work applied towards the Ph.D. in Nursing Science must be completed within 1.5 years times the length of the program.
  • Students who receive the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) funding are required to complete three education courses (9 sh) in addition to their program of study.

We encourage students to select the appropriate program of study after careful self-assessment of individual supports and barriers to attending school.  We also recommend talking to current students with similar family and employment responsibilities.  New students are able to make these peer and faculty connections at the summer residency before the school year begins in fall.