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The College of Nursing Needs Your Support

The MUSC College of Nursing has been providing South Carolina with the highest level of education, research, and patient care since 1883.

Ways To Give | Planned Giving

Today the college has outstanding baccalaureate and graduate nursing education programs, and robust research and practice agendas.  The pass rate for the new nurse licensing examination (NCLEX) has been above 90 percent for the past eight years.  In addition, the College is ranked 30th nationally among over 700 nursing schools in research funding from the National Institutes of Health. And our students reflect diversity, with underrepresented minorities making up 30 percent of total admissions.

Despite its accomplishments, MUSC and the College of Nursing has seen a 46 percent reduction in its state appropriations over just the past five years. These considerable cutbacks hit just as the college seeks to increase enrollment during a national nursing shortage. 

In order to continue our important work, we need your support now more than ever.


The average student in our accelerated BSN program accumulates more than $41,000 in debt. More than 99 percent of our students qualify for financial aid, but we can award only about $1,000 per scholarship. Despite the nursing shortage, South Carolina state budget cuts continue. Since the state provides only 5 percent of the college’s annual budget, the need for tuition assistance has never been greater.

Endowed Chairs

We want to attract and retain world-class instructors. As the leading nursing college in both South Carolina and in the region, we hope to increase our number of endowed chairs from two to five by 2015. Charleston is an amazing place to live, and MUSC is a wonderful place to work, but we need that added incentive to ensure that we can recruit the best instructors for our future nurses.


Our building was constructed in 1955 and, while certainly beautiful, it can no longer accommodate our current or future needs. We plan to begin a $10 million renovation to bring our facility in line with our curriculum in early 2013. In true Charleston spirit, we intend to preserve the historic nursing building, but we also want to make necessary improvements inside to reflect the state-of-the-art technology that our students and staff need as the continue to excel as a nationally ranked nursing program.

Annual Giving

The Annual Giving Program supports a wide range of resources designed to support enhanced learning, including:

  • Student financial aid
  • Equipment and teaching materials
  • Classroom and laboratory renovations
  • Expanded educational opportunities for students and alumni
  • Student travel and student research

Because the program supports an "unrestricted" fund, it allows the college to meet needs as they arise, whether it is helping a student attend a seminar, replacing broken equipment or providing emergency financial aid. This flexibility and responsiveness to student needs makes the College of Nursing education a truly unique and exceptional one.

For information about our giving opportunities you may contact:

Anahita Modaresi
Director of Development
College of Nursing
(843) 792-8421

Ways To Give

Gifts of Cash and Pledges - These are deductible for federal income tax purposes up to a limit of 50 percent of your adjusted gross income if you itemize deductions.

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds - If you itemize these gifts, you are entitled to a charitable income-tax deduction for the full value of your gift, provided you have owned the securities for more than 12 months. You avoid paying a tax on capital gains that you would owe if you sold the securities.

Gifts of Closely Held Stock - This will afford you substantial tax benefits. There are a number of strategies you can use to structure the gift according to your personal circumstances.

Gifts of Personal Property - In planning your estate, remember that valuable collections, works of art, and other forms of tangible personal property may be subject to estate taxes. By donating such items during your lifetime, you not only reduce your taxable estate, but also reduce your taxable income in the year of the gift.

Gifts that Provide Income - You may wish to make a substantial gift but feel you cannot afford to give up the annual income produced by the asset. Our life-income gift program offers several ways to help you make such a gift, while retaining an income for your lifetime.

Gifts of Real Estate - Almost any kind of real estate can make a valuable gift. No capital gains tax is due when you donate appreciated real estate; you are entitled to an income tax deduction in the amount of the appreciated value of the real estate; and you avoid estate taxes on the appreciated asset.

Gifts through Bequests - When donors feel they need capital during their lifetime, they can still associate themselves forever with the College of Nursing through a bequest. The value of a bequest is deductible for estate tax purposes, and there is no limit on the amount of the deduction. Back To Top

Planned Giving

The term “planned giving” refers to charitable gifts that require some planning before they are made. Most significant current gifts also require a certain amount of planning. Planned giving allows the do­nor to integrate personal, financial and estate planning goals into a meaningful gift to support a cause they feel passionate about.

There are many ways to support our mission. Donations from annual gifts, current major gifts, gifts of assets, real estate gifts, bequest gifts, gifts from trusts, retirement plans and life insurance are all need­ed to provide the resources needed to be the best. Many times, we hear from friends who say they’d like to make a significant gift to the Medical University but feel unable to do so because of current financial obligations.

The desire to make a gift may be limited by a donor’s concern to conserve their resources for retire­ment years or for an inheritance for children or grandchildren. Planned giving can help you explore gift options that enhance or compliment your estate plans. Sometimes planned giving reveals an op­portunity for charitable giving in circumstances that may not otherwise allow a donor to make a gift to charity.

Current tax laws actually allow and support charitable giving that helps both the donor and the charity. Many gifts can be designed to provide substantial tax deductions and enhance you overall tax and fi­nancial planning. When reviewing or revising your retirement and estate plan, you may want to con­sider a planned gift. Sound planning can provide financial security for your family as well as ensure the continuation of programs at the Medical University of South Carolina.

A planned gift may help you:

  • Achieve an immediate charitable tax deduction, even though the gift technically will not be made until later
  • Earn a guaranteed, minimally taxable income for the rest of your life or the life of a loved one
  • Avoid capital tax gains on highly appreciated assets, such as stocks or property
  • Avoid leaving your family with a sizable inheritance tax burden

Considering a special once in a lifetime gift to MUSC through your estate or will? Check out our website  for the information and financial calculators needed to explore your options and please contact Toni Jernigan at (843) 792-2236 or (800) 810-6872. Back To Top

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