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BSIT: A new resource for the MUSC community

The Behavioral Support and Intervention Team (BSIT) is a new resource for the MUSC community, which is designed to reach out to students who seem to be hurting or struggling, and to help maintain a safe campus by intervening when potential red flag behaviors are identified. The purpose of BSIT is to provide supportive and proactive intervention for MUSC students who are experiencing problems which may affect their safety and/or the safety of others.

The BSIT mission is threefold:

  1. To take a proactive, collaborative approach in evaluating student behavior that may impact safety
  2. To integrate various sources of information and offer recommendations to the college deans
  3. To provide a centralized repository for information which may indicate student problems. Each college has its own BSIT representation on the MUSC BSIT Team (Annemarie Donato for the CON)

The BSIT will review behavioral incidents and apply a consistent, systematic, and timely response to referred concerns. We will work in collaboration with the six colleges and appropriate MUSC offices including, public safety, risk management, student services, legal services, and the associate provost.

Reasons for referral to BSIT include

  1. Self-injurious behavior/suicidal ideation or attempt
  2. Erratic behavior
  3. Worrisome behavior related to alcohol, drug use, abuse
  4. “Red flag behaviors” which are questionable, suspicious or inappropriate behaviors

BSIT is not a crisis intervention team. If you are concerned about a student related to immediate or extreme risk contact Public Safety at 792-4196 or call 911 if off campus.

To make a referral to BSIT you can contact the BSIT Chair, Dr. Alyssa Rheingold at 792-4497 or visit the BSIT website ( In addition, Annemarie Donato, BSI committee member and CON representative, can also answer questions concerning reporting.  She can be reached at 792-4655.