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Accelerated BSN

The MUSC College of Nursing has the first and largest Accelerated BSN program in South Carolina. It is a 16 month, four semester program that prepares students for initial licensure as a registered nurse.  The majority of our students have a previous College degree and come to us ready and energized to enter a career in nursing.

The program reflects state-of-the art learning activities including focused use of our Healthcare Center for Simulation (see featured video), and interprofessional learning opportunities.

  • In the first semester of study, students learn skills using simulated software programs and high fidelity manikins. Students work in dyads to acquire skill, knowledge and nursing values, with College of Nursing faculty validating all of the learned skills.
  • In the second semester’s Women’s Health course, students provide care to a laboring high fidelity manikin.
  • The clinical knowledge and problem-solving ability of the third semester student continues to drive actual health outcomes.
  • Finally, the Simulated Interprofessional Rounding Experience (SIRE) is a unique opportunity for our second and fourth semester students. SIRE involves the complex care of a patient, a high fidelity manikin. For a positive health outcome, students from the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Program partner to work as a team, demonstrating evidence-based communication strategies and acknowledging and correcting medical errors should they occur.

Throughout the Accelerated BSN program, our students thrive in this exciting learning environment and respond positively to simulations as they provide the opportunity to think on one’s feet and transfer new skills to the acute care setting.

Finally, the content and process of our Accelerated BSN program provides a strong foundation for continuing one's education, by direct entry into one of our doctoral programs (DNP or PhD).  In fact, our Accelerated BSN program attracts a special career-minded student and fully half of our graduates pursue graduate education. 

MUSC nurses truly do change lives!