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2012 - A Great Year

Academic Success

  • Our BSN graduates achieved a 95% pass rate for NCLEX-RN in 2012.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Our students have a 94% graduation rate for 2011-2012.
  • 94% of our graduating students believe they made the right choice in selecting the MUSC CON.
  • 97% of our current students believe they are receiving a high quality education. 
  • 89% of our staff are pleased to be working at the MUSC CON.
  • 97% of our faculty believe that they made the right choice in selecting the MUSC CON.

Outstanding Faculty

  • Of our tenure track faculty, 82% are doctorally prepared.
  • 21% of our nursing tenure track faculty are members of the American Academy of Nursing.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • We are a leader in the use of innovative learning technologies and house MUSC's nationally recognized Healthcare Simulation Center where students participate in over 3,000 simulations.
  • Our Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles develops, evaluates and commercializes technology for individuals, worksites, community groups and health care provider networks to foster health promotion, disease prevention and health care management and work force capacity-building.

Serve While You Learn

  • We are committed to community health partnerships with diverse populations and have established a thriving Center for Community Health Partnerships.


  • We ranked # 21 among nursing programs nationally in NIH research funding in 2012.
  • We are leading the state in educating over 250 future primary care nurse practitioners and nurse faculty.  Our graduates are the nurse leaders of tomorrow!