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Healthy Charleston Challenge wins national awards

Club Industry, a media source for fitness business professionals, presented its 2012 Best Behavior Modification Program to Healthy Charleston Challenge on October 11 in Las Vegas.

Additionally, the Healthy Charleston Challenge program won the 2012 Program Innovation Award from The Medical Fitness Association. The first place award is for the best bio-behavioral intervention for promoting physical activity and weight loss. Janis Newton, assistant director of the MUSC Wellness Center and Dr. Sheila Smith, CON associate professor, traveled to New Orleans, LA on November 28 to receive the award.

For five years, the Healthy Charleston Challenge program has been helping tri-county residents develop healthy habits and permanent lifestyle changes in order to decrease their risk for developing chronic disease. Participants work in teams utilizing a personal fitness trainer, nutritionists and mentors to meet weekly weight loss goals. Earlier in October, the program marked a milestone surpassing 20,000 pounds lost since the program was established in 2007.

(L to R): MUSC Wellness Center Director Bobby Shaw, Janis Newton, and Sheila Smith from the College of Nursing at the MFA Awards Ceremony in New Orleans, LA on Nov. 28, 2012.

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