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College of Nursing Faculty

Ron AciernoTracy Stecker, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Medical University of South Carolina
College of Nursing
99 Jonathan Lucas Street
MSC 160
Charleston, SC 29425-1600

Telephone: (843) 792-7287

Tracy Stecker, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Dr. Stecker is a psychologist and mental health services researcher who focuses on help-seeking behavior in individuals with mental illness. She has received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop and test cognitive-behavioral interventions to increase mental health treatment seeking among military personnel returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and civilians, focusing on those with symptoms of PTSD, substance use, and suicidality.