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Nursing Program Technology Requirements

Applicants to this online program must be computer literate and are encouraged to seek extra training on weak computing skills before the start of the program. The course work requires use of word processing,  spreadsheet management and presentation graphics. Students are expected to manage files, navigate the internet, and use a headset, computer camera, scanner and fax machine. 

The College of Nursing uses Moodle as a course management program to deliver online courses. Additionally, the Ph.D. program uses a video-conferencing system to allow visual and audio feed among several persons at one time. Access to broadband (Cable or DSL) connections is necessary.  Students will need a VGA or better web camera and microphone as well as a laptop computer meeting the minimum hardware requirements. Our multimedia content is optimized for Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The Nursing Technology Center provides information regarding technology hardware and software requirements, computer purchases, computer policies, and who to contact for assistance.

Prerequisite Computer Competencies

During enrollment in the College of Nursing (CON), students complete assignments that require computing skills. In order to be successful, students are strongly encouraged to prepare themselves with basic Word processing skills. The MUSC campus supports both PC (Windows) and Macintosh systems. During the program, students will also be required to learn and demonstrate use of electronic mail and the Internet, conduct a library search, retrieve clinical information on a specific patient, use audiovisual materials in a presentation, and use a spreadsheet to enter and manipulate data.

Internet access via computer for communication. The nursing program is committed to dissemination of information through electronic media. Students must have access to a computer configured to use online network transmissions for electronic mail and the World Wide Web.

Computer access is available on campus through the University for students who do not have a computer at home with a modem and Internet service provider. Students will be held accountable for information from faculty disseminated via electronic mail.

Moodle Orientation

Moodle is the learning management system used for both hybrid and online courses. Student orientation courses, one for undergraduate students and the other for graduate students, were created to help students learn the specific functions within Moodle that are necessary for success in the hybrid undergraduate or online graduate courses. Completion of the Moodle orientation course, which will be available one month prior to classes starting, is required of all new CON students. Students will complete the course prior to the published class start date. Students who do not comply will have their access blocked from all Moodle courses.

To find Moodle courses including the orientation course, students should log into and sign in using the MUSC login and password. A link to Moodle can also be found on the CON website under Quick Links and on the MUSC Library home page. Staff from the Nursing Technology Center (NTC) will be available during Undergraduate and Graduate orientation or residency (PhD) to answer questions.

Software standards for the University

Software standards ensure access for students, residents, fellows, and faculty to the University’s education and information resources, as well as enhance communications and the sharing of documents. The standards are defined by the University Education Infrastructure Committee. Many of these applications are downloadable from the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) website