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Office of Student Services - College of Nursing

The Office of Student Services provides comprehensive assistance to prospective and current students in a broad range of student needs, including Recruitment, Admissions, Progression and Graduation. We can help you with such things as Class Enrollment, Registration, contacting your advisor, and program information.

This office serves as the liaison between the College of Nursing and other major MUSC offices such as Student Health, Office of Enrollment Management, and Financial Aid.

  • Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. 


Student Services Staff

Carolyn Page
Director of Student Services
Alumni Affairs
(843) 792-8515
Mardi Long
BSN Program Coordinator
Alumni Services
(843) 792-6683

Jessica Krasny Williams
Clinical Education Coordinator
(843) 792-7663
Yolanda Long

PhD and RN-BSN Program Coordinator
Alumni Services
(843) 792-3116

Gena Ryan
Compliance and Evaluation Officer
Office of Academics Administrator
(843) 792-3815
Libby Cole
MSN/DNP Program Coordinator
Alumni Services
(843) 792-6499

Shelly Drake
Administrative Coordinator
(843) 792-8515