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College of Nursing Organizations

Student Representation on CON Committees

Undergraduate Program Committee:

  • Jake Forrester
  • Duane Froes
  • Tyler Hunter

Research Committee:

  • Leila Forney (PhD student)
  • Kim Pickett (DNP student)
  • Maria Ingraham (non-doctoral student)

Diversity Committee:

  • Juliette Brown (BSN student)
  • Theresa Wyatt (DNP student)

PhD Committee:

  • Allison Adrian
  • Katherine Katzenberger

Graduate Program Committee:

  • Cheryl Jones (DNP)
  • Mary Shearer (DNP)

CON Honor Council

The Honor Council of the College of Nursing has as its purpose to infuse the highest standards of character while providing a model for professional behaviors.  As with The University as a whole, the College of Nursing (CON) asks that its students develop academically and morally while being supported by the advice, constructive criticism, enthusiasm, and example of peers, faculty and mentors.  As such, it is the responsibility of each College of Nursing Student to read and adhere to MUSC’s Honor Code.

The CON Honor Council consists of the following members: 2 students from RN-BSN cohort, 2 students from aBSN fall cohort, 2 students from aBSN spring cohort, 1 MSN student, 3 DNP students, and 2 PhD students. These individuals have the job of educating their peers on the purpose and scope of the MUSC Honor Code. Each appointed representative must be familiar with and abide by the Honor Code, such that they may serve as both an example and a resource for their peers on the spirit and letter of the Honor Code. Additionally, honor council members periodically must serve as investigators of alleged infractions, as well as participate in hearings with the utmost impartiality and confidentiality.

Students will be appointed by the Undergraduate, Graduate, or PhD Program Committees. Persons interested in serving on the CON Honor Council may let the Program Director know. Students are appointed to serve throughout their curriculum. If a student is unable to complete the term, another appointment will be made by the appropriate Program Committee.

2015-2016 Honor Council

President: James Hill* Vice President:
MSN & DNP Class of May 2016
  • Emmie Baggett
  • Sadie Burke
  • Ellen Gallman
  • Wendy Hatchell
  • Stephanie Helwig
  • James Hill
  • Karen Jaramillo
  • Mattilyn Williams
  • Caroline Yurchak
  • Gina Cahalan
  • Richelle Crews
PhD Students Class of December 2016
  • Matt Couture
  • Crystal Graham
  • Rachel Butler
  • Noelle Clower
  • Jake Forrester
  • Shelby Jenkins
RN to BSN Class of May 2016
  • Arien Rannigan
  • Andrea Rentz
  • Richelle Crews
  • Gina Cahalan
  • Lynne Nemeth, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
  • Michelle Nichols, Ph.D., R.N.

*Officers & Representatives

Revised: 12/21/15

CON Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association is a preprofessional nursing student organization. The goal is to introduce nursing students to their future career by providing leadership opportunities and educational advancement. Student Nurses' Association By-Laws

2015-2016 Officers

Julia Levin Rector, President Sarah Jordan Andrews, Vice President
Meghan Davis, Secretary Carleigh Fox, Treasurer
Katherine Fant, Historian Caitlin Baker, Legislative Director
Emily Corbett, Community Service Director Leo Bersamina, SNA/SGA Liaison
Martha Lee, Breakthrough to Nursing Katherine Fant, Elections Director

Lauren Delahanty & Amanda Torres
(2nd semester)

Sydney Jones & Samantha Morrison
(3rd semester)

CON Student Government Association

The College of Nursing Student Government Association works on behalf of the students by facilitating the exchange of information of ideas between students, faculty, and administration; representing student opinions, needs, and interests. College of Nursing Student Government Association By-Laws


  • take action to increase the quality of student services and academic programs to further enhance the education of students
  • plan and execute a variety of social, cultural, and recreational events to promote fellowship, personal growth,and interaction with MUSC students and the university community, and
  • maintain a budget with all the allocated funds to serve the MUSC student body most efficiently.

2014-2015 Student Government Officers

Alyssa LaFond, President Ashley Jones, Vice President
Amy Biffle, Secretary Caroline Ravenel, Treasurer
Paige Cox, Policy Writer

Leonel Bersamina & Kelsey van den Heuvel
(2nd semester)

Joseph Stocking & Kate Phinney
(3rd semester)

Multicultural Student Nurses Association

On July 11, 2011, a cadre of students led by advisor, Dr. Ida Spruill reestablished a former organization, known as the Multicultural Student Nurses Organization (MSNA). The Office of Student Diversity and the College of Nursing welcomed the reactivation of the Multicultural Student Nurses Association (MSNA), as a student organization in October 2011.  The purpose of MSNA is to serve as a platform of cultural exchange inclusive of all students in the College of Nursing with specific emphasis on the recruitment and retention of under-represented minority students.  The organization boasts active diverse student members and currently represents the largest student organization on campus. 

CON student leaders credited with the re-establishment of MSNA are Ashleigh McCall who served as first President, and Imani Fickling as Vice President.  Other CON students who served on the first MSNA organizational steering committee included: Senovia Mays, Michelle Wilkins, Veronica Ramos, Erica Rutledge, Kris Elmore, Janice McFaddin, Rhondria Manigault, and Brianna Smith.  The promotion of student leadership, community service and mentoring are some of the founding tenants of MSNA. 

  • In just a few months, as a group MSNA members have logged over 50 volunteers hours in community service projects such as the, 2011 S.C. Nurse's Foundation Walk, community health fairs, and Holiday gift giving campaigns to support the needs of local children.

  • An over-arching goal of MSNA is the recruitment and retention of Under-Represented Minority (URM) students via study groups, professional affilitation "Buddy Mentoring " and community services.

  • MSNA is open to all CON students and meets the last Monday of each month. Membership fee is $15.00.

Sigma Theta Tau

Leadership Opportunities

University-wide and college-related student organizations offer College of Nursing students opportunities to develop their leadership skills; to serve their fellow students, the Charleston community; and/or their profession; to explore new and old interests; and to have a good time with other involved students, staff, and faculty.

Nursing students are expected to demonstrate professional leadership as part of their learning experience. Below is a sample of nursing student leadership opportunities:


  • Alliance for Hispanic Health
  • Bahai Association of MUSC
  • Crisis Ministries
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Humanitas
  • International Student Organization
  • Intramurals
  • Jewish Association
  • Medical Campus Outreach
  • Medical History Club
  • Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board
  • MUSC Gives Back
  • MUSC Student Government Association
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Presidential Scholars
  • Public Health Interest Group

College of Nursing

  • College of Nursing Student Government Association
  • Hispanic Health Initiative Scholars
  • Honor Council
  • Multicultural Student Nurses Association
  • Research Honors Practicum
  • Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society
  • Student Nurse's Association
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Program Committees
  • Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Committee