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Schedule of Academic Charges for 2018-2019

Charges are effective Fall 2018 for each semester unless otherwise noted and areas subject to change at any time by the MUSC Board of Trustees (approved Spring 2018) or by circumstances beyond the control of the University.

Each Term
Per Semester

Each Term
Per Credit Hour






Semester (fall & spring - Full-time 12 s.h.)





Summer (Full-time 7 s.h.)





Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer-FT)$5,480$5,644  
Online Graduate (including DNP & PhD)
Semester (fall & spring - Full-time 9 s.h.)$8,116$9,840$835$1015
Summer (Full-time 7 s.h.)$8,116$9,840$835$1015
*Please note: Full-time in summer is 7 semester hours

University Fees
All part-time students


All full-time students

(Fee is included in the "Academic Charge")

Program Fees - College of Nursing
Undergraduate Students (full-time)


Undergraduate Students (part-time)


Undergraduate Lab Fee

Full-time Graduate  Students (MSN/DNP & PhD)


Part-time Graduate Students (MSN/DNP & PhD)


Online Instruction (additional per credit hour)


Testing/NCLEX Prep (First semester BSN)


DNP Clinical Course Fee (per clinical course)


PhD Student Fee - (All First semester PhD students)$50.00
RN-BSN On-line fees 1st semester$910.00
RN-BSN On-line fees 2st semester$630.00
RN-BSN On-line fees 3rd semester$560.00

Application filing fee for admission (including non-degree students)
Online filing & non-degree students


Matriculation fee


Non-degree student access fee, each term


Late payment fee (1.5% of total amount past due)


Returned check fee


Audit Feepart-time credit hour charge
Transcript fee 
  •   non-enrolled student
$15.00 per copy
  •   student (full-time and part-time)
  •   expedited service in 24 hours
$10.00 additional

Record reviewing fee

$3.00 per page

Record faxing fee

$2.00 per page