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Domestic Violence Guidelines


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This website would not have been possible without the assistance of the following people who supplied photographs, information, ideas and technical expertise:

Deborah C. Williamson, DHA, MSN, RN, coordinated the development of this IPV Toolkit for primary care providers to use when victims of interpersonal violence are identified in their practices and responsible for securing funding from 'The Duke Endowment' with a grant titled: 'Early Intervention to Reduce Violence’, 6111 – SP'

Morgan Parrish, as a student intern researched the information contained within this IPV Toolkit and identified relevant information related to practice assessment, best practices in documentation for court cases, patient education and professional education materials.
Romina McCandless, MPH,  ensured the accuracy and appropriateness of the Spanish patient education materials referenced on this website.
Anna T. Patton, MA,  conducted evaluations of the content and use of this website and helped to disseminate the website to providers within the community. 
Andrew Matthews, Web, Video & Social Media support for the College of Nursing.
Maria Toler,  provided the graphic design and layout for this website and assured accuracy of referenced materials on this website.

Funded by The Duke Endowment


Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing

99 Jonathan Lucas Street
Charleston, SC 29425