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Mobile Revolution

Frank Treiber, Ph.D., is used to catching the latest wave, whether it's in the Atlantic Ocean or in the use of mobile technology that he sees as a game changer in shaping the delivery of health care.

Dr. Frank Treiber shows off the MedMinder, a wireless, computerized medication dispenser.

Treiber, formerly vice president for research development at Georgia Health Sciences University, came to MUSC in 2010 as a SmartState endowed chair in technology applications to prevent and manage disease. He leads the Technology Center to Enhance Healthful Lifestyles that is charged with developing and commercializing software and technological products to improve the delivery of health care.

The field of mobile technology sort of chose him rather than the other way around, he said. His research career previously had focused on 24-hour telemonitoring devices that tracked patients' vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate, in their natural environment.

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