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Office of the Chief Information Officer
Vice President for Information Technology


Kurt Nendorf
Director of Infrastructure
Organization Structure
Team Responsibilities
Current Initiatives
Kurt Nendorf

Kurt Nendorf  came to MUSC in 2004 as Director of OCIO Infrastructure.  I began my Information Technology career in aerospace while I was a sophomore in college and have been in the healthcare industry over 25 years. 


OCIO Infrastructure defines, identifies, configures, standardizes, implements, monitors, updates, operates, and supports the hardware technology and system software that makes it possible for the MUSC enterprise to efficiently access business and clinical application systems.  Our services begin with the customer and the end-point devices (PC, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, monitor, readers, etc.), through the network connectivity (data, voice, wired, wireless), security protected firewalls (prevention, detection and response mechanisms), application servers that deliver functionality to the customer and data storage to meet the short and long term needs of our customers.  The people are our greatest asset, from our Customer Support Services (Help Desk) to Field Engineers, Computer Operators, Network Engineers, System Engineers, Analysts and Management; all are dedicated to the customer experience.


To deliver effective and efficient technology platforms and support that provides significant value to MUSC educators, researchers, and caregivers.


Deliver high performance, non-disrupted service to our customers with support that exceeds customer expectations.

Areas of Responsibilities

Customer Support services

  • Help Desk
  • Identity Management
  • System Access Management

Network Management

  • Data Network
  • Telecommunications

Clinical Focused Management

  • Epic
  • Interfaces

Technical Services

  • Data center Operations
  • Windows Server Management
  • Unix/Linux Server Management
  • Storage Management

Desktop Management

  • Managed Desktop
  • End-Point Security


  • Policies and Regulation
  • Breach Prevention, Detection and Response

Team Responsibilities

Customer Service Team (CST)
Data Center Operations
Endpoint Security Team (EST)
Epic Client Systems Management Team
Field Engineering Team (FE)
Identity Management Development Team
Infrastructure Application Services (IAS)
Managed Desktop Team (MDT)
Network Services Team (NST)
University Communications Team (UCT)
Technical Services


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