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Office of the Chief Information Officer
Vice President for Information Technology

Pillar Goals

In healthcare, continual performance improvement is the “new normal.”  Striving to consistently provide the highest levels of quality patient care has long been central to our industry’s mission.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is now tying the work directly to our margin. Organizations are challenged to improve effectiveness and efficiency to do more with less. To this end, starting in 2008 the OCIO was one of the first MUSC departments to embrace the Studer Leadership Development Institute initiative.

The OCIO has two LDI sessions per year where we meet together:  CIO, Directors, Managers, and Team Leaders. During theses LDI sessions we celebrate our wins and learn from our mistakes. As an organization, we use the LDI methodology to strive to be strategically sound and organization fit. As part of the LDI we emphasize the “Connect to Purpose” in which we establish the line-of-sight between what we do and what we ask OCIO employees to do and how that advances the mission of discover, understanding and healing. We try to help OCIO staff feel that they are part of something that is bigger than themselves. At the LDI session we invite a Connect-to-Purpose speaker, a user (nurse, physician, educator, researcher, etc.) who talks about how IT and the services provided by OCIO makes a positive difference.

We use the LDI Pillar Goals concept around Quality, Service, People, Growth and Finance. These metrics are part of all OCIO employees annual performance evaluation. 

OCIO management feels that the LDI initiative has significantly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the OCIO and this has been reflected in our customer satisfaction survey scores.


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