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Employee Wellness

Mindful Challenges Toolkit

Healthier employees are happier, more productive, and have fewer unexpected absences. When they participate in a department-wide health challenge, employees report a feeling of being connected not only to their company but their fellow employees as well. So why not get started? Managers or department champions can select challenges from the four focus areas below, periodically, once a quarter, or monthly to work toward building a healthier MUSC community.

Flyers are provided that can be modified as needed to help promote the selected wellness challenge. Click on the highlighted links below. 

Want to measure impact? Consider implementing a pre/post survey to see a change in thoughts or behaviors. Redcap is a great tool but an informal approach works as well. Sample .pdfs of initial and final surveys are provided.

Reward participants and/or the winners. Be creative and ask your team for suggestions on what will be meaningful for them.




  1. Exercising Your Heart - Take the stairs or the long way round to your workplace. Initial survey. Final survey
  2. Focus on Fitness: MUSC Moves! - Try a new exercise or workout this month. Initial survey. Final survey
  3. Adventure Out: find ways to exercise outdoors and enjoy the many benefits of green exercise. Initial survey. Final survey
  4. Take a walk, indoors or out during the work day. Initial survey. Final survey
  5. Elevate your heart rate   Initial survey. Final survey


  1. Enjoy the taste of eating right – expand your taste horizons by trying something new. Initial survey. Final survey
  2. Try an alternative diet at least one day a week: Meat-free Monday! Initial survey. Final survey
  3. Eat less processed: Reconnect with real food Initial survey. Final survey
  4. Replace sweetened drinks with water. Get hydrated! Initial survey. Final survey
  5. Bite into better snacks. Initial survey. Final survey
  6. Do a gut check: try foods that promote a healthy gut flora! Initial survey. Final survey
  7. Make the sweet the treat not the daily dose Initial survey. Final survey


  1. Change it up: explore something new – take a new route. Initial survey. Final survey.
  2. Release the tension Initial survey. Final survey.
  3. Bring BALANCE to your holidays. Initial survey. Final survey.
  4. LET GO of what no longer benefits you! Initial survey. Final survey.
  5. Make a plan to prevent what ails you. Initial survey. Final survey.
  6. Create a stress free zone Initial survey. Final survey.


  1. Use water wisely: hydrate without waste and limit your water footprint. Initial survey. Final survey.
  2. Keep a journal of joyInitial survey. Final survey.
  3. Make sleep a daily priority Initial survey. Final survey.
  4. Protect yourself from excess exposure to the sun Initial survey. Final survey.
  5. Take A Wellness Break Outdoors Initial survey. Final survey.
  6. EAT SUSTAINABLY: Healthy bodies. Healthy planet!  Initial survey. Final survey.


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