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Schedule a Group Visit or Event

The MUSC Urban Farm is available upon request for group tours, educational programs, events or meetings. If you are interested, please complete the program request form below and the farm coordinator will follow up with you within 4 business days. Fees may apply for non-MUSC groups. Even organizers are encouraged to serve food in keeping with the Farm's mission. MUSC student groups must adhere to the alcohol policy found here

For more information, please email


Invitations to attend offsite events should follow this process:

  • All requests must be made through the online request form found below.
  • All requests will be screened (based on the established criteria below) by the Urban Farm Coordinator.
  • An initial determination will be made that the requesting party represents a credible organization and that there is evidence that their event is well-planned and organized.
  • The event should support furthering the Farm’s mission as well as the goals of MUSC:
    •  Transform their own health, and well-being of their community (Health & Wellness)
    • Community Education e.g. (growing more nutritious plants, food systems, etc.

Preference will be given to requests

  • in close proximity to the Farm with the presumption that attendees will want to visit at a later date to get a further understanding of the connection to eating for better health
  • from partners that collaborate in various ways

Resource availability/charges:

  •  Requests will be based on farm personnel and/or volunteer resources available to comply with the request (consider would this be an effective use of our resources and would it interfere with scheduled Farm events).
  • Unless there is a compelling reason, requests requiring a fee to attend or financially sponsor will not be ale to be accommodated unless covered through an MUSC agreement.. 


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