On Wednesday May 17th, the Office of Interprofessional Initiatives and the Interprofessional Student Advisory Board held the Student Interprofessional Education Fellowship Recognition Ceremony. Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ken Catchpole, spoke about the importance for process and outcomes, and the value and challenges of teamwork improvement interventions. Rather than focusing on individual team skills alone, his research seeks to understand the influence of organization, task, technology and environment on team behaviors.  Ms. Maggie Bosley, Chair of the Interprofessional Education Fellowship and College of Medicine student served as the emcee for the ceremony.

The ceremony recognized MUSC 2017 graduates as well as faculty and staff champions for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice.  In total, 11 graduating students completed all the requirements and were recognized at the ceremony.  Students received a certificate of completion as well as a MUSC Interprofessional Fellow lapel pin.

In order to be recognized as a fellow, students met the following criteria:

  • Take part in Interprofessional Day
  • Complete the interprofessional core course, IP 710
  • Participate in a minimum of 15 hours of an interprofessional activity in the community, clinical, or research setting
  • Complete at least one Interprofessional elective course
  • Complete an Interprofessional Practicum
  • Write papers reflecting on their interprofessional experiences and one research paper on models of teamwork and interprofessional collaboration

Interprofessional Education Fellowship Purpose:

The purpose of the MUSC Interprofessional Education Fellowship is to encourage interprofessional engagement among students and faculty. The program seeks to foster a new generation of graduates who are capable of demonstrating interprofessional competencies that go beyond those developed within individual academic programs. Further, the fellowship strives to enrich collaborative learning experiences for MUSC students and promote a new level of professional development and leadership so that graduates will function as effective collaborators when they move into interprofessional health care delivery or research contexts.

Interprofessional Education Fellows

May/Summer/Fall 2016 Graduates

Sara Atkinson
Clare Fitzmaurice
Sally Gooch
Anna Harris
Rebecca Jordan Hazelwood
Alyson Knapp
Shawn Miller
Jiseo Ru

May 2017 Graduates

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Barfield
Erika Lynn Harris
Amy Jackson
Sonia Kohli
Ragan LeBlanc
Kimberly Rae Leslie
Emily Anne Light
Ryan C. Maddrey
Ellie Miller
Maylin Hill Taylor
Ellen Schafer

Summer/Fall 2017 Graduates

Beatriz S. Bassaco
Lauren Brooks
Alexis Joyce Charles
Harmony Hudson
Annika Zoe Jansson
Heather Nicole Pastva
Alexandra Prather
Elizabeth Haywood Titchener
Laura Carolyn Wilson

Faculty Awards

The Office of Interprofessional Initiatives recognized 3 faculty and staff members for their excellence in providing a rich learning experience during Interprofessional Day.

Interprofessional Day 2017
Outstanding Small Group Facilitation
(out of 84 facilitators):

1st Year: Matthew J. Wain
2nd Year: David W. Shirley, PharmD

Interprofessional Day 2017

Outstanding Standardized Patient Educator
(out of 31 patient educators):

Ms. Debbie Walters

The Office of Interprofessional Initiatives also recognized four faculty members for outstanding facilitation of the IP 710 Interprofessional core course, Transforming Healthcare for the Future.  The faculty were chosen based on student feedback and evaluations.

Fall Semester 2016
Outstanding Facilitation of IP 710

Nancy E. Carson, PhD
Kimbi G. Marenakos, DNP, RN, LPC

Spring Semester 2017

Clarice S. Clemmens, MD
Anita N. Ramsetty, MD

A special award was presented to a faculty member who demonstrated a commitment to excellence in interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Commitment to Excellence in Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice

Mary P. Mauldin, EdD

Each recipient received a beautiful award presented by Assistant Provost for Interprofessional Initiatives, Dr. Jeffrey Borckardt.  In addition, the four IP 710 faculty awardees’ departments each will receive a $500 monetary award in honor of the awardees and Dr. Mary Mauldin's department will receive a $1000 monetary award in her honor.