This year, first-year students at IP Day participated in an online simulation game designed to engage students from different professions in the process of development and management of a healthcare system. Groups of students competed against one another for a top spot in six categories related to the game. The winners are: 

Highest Patient Satisfaction & Best Clinical Outcomes (won in 2 categories): Molly Fitch (CHP-PA), Charles Nation (COM), and Alexandra Denty (COP)

Best Patient Safety: David Riggs (CODM), Caitlin Guthrie (CHP-PT), and Whitney Pasquini (CON)

Highest Research Productivity: Samuel Ramey (CODM), Brandi Gianni (CHP-PT), and Nicolette Jacinto (CON)

Most Profitable & Best Overall Quality (won in 2 categories): Minhanh Pham (CHP-PT), Lauren Shuey (COM-PH), and Aaron Young (COP) 

Congratulations to all of the winners!