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Mentoring and Professional Development

The Office of Interprofessional Initiatives is currently seeking faculty and post-docs to serve as facilitators for the University Interprofessional course (IP 710)! Please click here to complete the facilitator interest form. The course syllabus is available here.  

IP 710: Transforming Healthcare is a required 2-credit course for first year students. MUSC is dedicated to ensuring our students have the opportunity to work with and learn from other health care professionals and students in order to help them understand the importance of teamwork in providing health care. During the Spring 2017 semester, students from Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant will be assigned as an interprofessional group to work together under the leadership of a faculty facilitator.

The course focuses on the following:

  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • The Health Care System and Calls for Improvement
  • TeamSTEPPS & Evidence-Based Practice
  • Population Health and Social Determinants of Health 
  • Health Equity and Ethics

The class will meet 6 times during the semester for face-to-face sessions. Faculty facilitators will have the option to choose if their class meets on Mondays or Tuesdays. The sessions will be held from 12:00 to 12:50 PM. The final class will be held during the week of April 10th for final presentations. The date/time of the final class is at the discretion of the faculty facilitator and the students.

In-Class Dates:

  •          January 9 or 10
  •          January 23 or 24
  •          February 13 or 14
  •          February 27 or February 28
  •          March 27 or 28
  •          Week of April 10th for final presentations (date/time to be selected by faculty facilitator and students)

Aaron E. Embry IP 710 from ITFR on Vimeo.



The students will lead discussions for 3 of the 5 in-class sessions. The faculty facilitator leads the discussion for the first two sessions. A large portion of the course is conducted online in Moodle with students completing readings, activities and responding to online discussion questions. Faculty facilitators have the option of responding to each student’s discussion questions, or to send one response to all students.

An hour-long orientation will be provided for faculty facilitators prior to the beginning of the course. All materials will be provided including teaching points for each session and rubrics for grading discussion questions and the final project. 

Helping our students work effectively together in interprofessional teams is only going to grow in importance for their professional success. This pass/fail course provides an opportunity to serve as a mentor in their exploration and understanding of the power of teams.

OII Events


2017 IPE Student Fellowship Award Ceremony
May 23, 2017 3:33:00 PM EDT

On Wednesday May 17th, the Office of Interprofessional Initiatives and the Interprofessional Student Advisory Board held the Student Interprofessional Education Fellowship Recognition Ceremony. Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ken Catchpole, spoke about the importance for process and outcomes, and the value and challenges of teamwork improvement interventions. Rather than focusing on individual team skills alone, his research seeks to understand the influence of organization, task, technology and environment on team behaviors.  Ms. Maggie Bosley, Chair of the Interprofessional Education Fellowship and College of Medicine student served as the emcee for the ceremony....To find out more...

IP Day 2017 SimuVersity Game Winners!
Jan 27, 2017 3:51:00 PM EST

This year, first-year students at IP Day participated in an online simulation game designed to engage students from different professions in the process of development and management of a healthcare system. Groups of students competed against one another for a top spot in six categories related to the game. The winners are: ...To find out more...

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