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Office of Institutional Resources and Research

Space Inventory - Information We Collect

Building and Room Elements

The Office of Institutional Resources and Research management is required, by the State of South Carolina's Commission on Higher Education (CHE), to submit certain information on all of the facilities at the Medical University of South Carolina. This data is sent to CHE on an annual basis. Certain elements are necessary for submission in the Commission's information management system (CHEMIS). The following are some of the building and room elements that are maintained for all buildings and rooms for reporting purposes.


  • Assignable Square Footage
  • Building Address
  • Building Description/Name
  • Building Condition (aggregate point total representing the physical status of each building)
  • Building Identifier/Number
  • Construction Type
  • Construction Year
  • Gross Square Footage
  • Landmark Status
  • Last Renovation Cost
  • Net Total Square Footage
  • Original Building Cost
  • Ownership Status (identifies the type of agency with which the title to the building resides)
  • Perimeter
  • Rehabilitation Estimate (Deferred Maintenance Cost)
  • Renovation Year
  • Replacement Cost


  • Capacity/Stations
  • CHEMIS Category Code/Description (indicates the room usage classification based on the function/ expected activity occurring in the room)
  • CHEMIS Room Code/Description (indicates the room classification based on the primary use/activity occurring in the room)
  • Disabled Accessibility
  • Floor
  • Occupant Department Number/Title
  • Room Identifier/Number
  • Square Footage


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