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MUSC Online Learner Resources

Healthcare Services for Online Distance Education Students

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides convenient, economical (no professional or office charges for services rendered at clinic), unlimited services to students for:

  • Evaluation and treatment of acute /chronic medical issues.
  • Medical consultation and lab draws for students being managed at Counseling and Psychological Services.
  • In-Office Testing: Spirometry, Audiometry, Vision Screening, EKG, Rapid Strep, Rapid Mono, Urine Pregnancy, and Urinalysis.
  • Office Procedures and Treatment: Incision and Drainage of skin lesions, suture lacerations, nebulized
  • Bronchodilator Therapy for asthma flare-ups, Cryotherapy, IUD insertion.
  • Health Maintenance/Screening: Physical Exams, cholesterol screening, STD screening, pap smears
  • Contraceptive Management: Oral Contraceptive, IUD placement, DepoProvera injections.
  • Travel Medicine: consultation and care for pre and post international travel (antimalarial medication, immunizations, counseling).
  • Allergy shot maintenance.
  • Venipuncture for outpatient labs.
  • Occupational Health Care: (1) Insure that students are in compliance with MUSC immunization requirements. (2) Maintain a secure database of documented immunizations for each student, which is accessible to each student through a secure web-based portal. (3) Provide annual influenza immunizations to all students. (4) Provide annual Tuberculosis Skin Testing for all students. (5) Maintain 24/7 coverage for the evaluation and treatment of Blood Borne Pathogen Exposures occurring with MUSC students.
  • Student Health Insurance - an affordable health insurance plan is available through MUSC Student Health Services to all student taking 6 or more credit hours in a degree seeking academic program.

Provision of services to distance education students. When distance education students visit campus, they are eligible to receive the same medical care as traditional students. In addition, distance education students are able to utilize the clinical services below:

  • Distance education students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours are eligible to enroll in an affordable health insurance plan available through MUSC Student Health Services.
  • Immunization records for MUSC students are stored in an electronic database. This database is updated regularly and students are notified of immunizations that are out of date (TB Skin Test, Annual Flu Shots, etc.). Students can access their personal immunization records through a secure portal and furnish this information to clinical sites that require proof of immunization.
  • Health Education and resources are available at the MUSC Student Health Services website (Influenza informational video, Flu information, etc.).

Wellness Center

The MUSC Wellness Center provides convenient and well-managed facilities that promote health and fitness for students, employees and the community. Amenities and services provided include a Junior Olympic pool, indoor and outdoor track, gymnasium, group exercise studios, tennis courts, cardiovascular equipment, strength training, racquetball and squash courts, personal training, fitness programs, and massage therapy.

 Provision of services to distance education students.The Wellness Center serves both on campus and distance education students by sharing healthy lifestyle information and tips on its website. The Wellness Center maintains a robust website easily accessible by distance education students.


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