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  • The principle, long-term goal of the Hypertension Initiative is to facilitate the transition of South Carolina from a leader in cardiovascular deaths to a model of cardiovascular health - taking South Carolinians from "worst to first".
  • The initial, short-term goal is to improve blood pressure control rates from the current level of ~30% of all people with hypertension to the Healthy People 2020 goal of ~50%.
  • Because so many people with high blood pressure are untreated, we believe this goal can best be met by reaching 70% control rates among those already on treatment.
  • In the next year, our focus is to help primary care physicians gain optimal control among treated patients who are close to goal. We are optimistic that this is possible as about 50% of treated hypertensives are controlled to <140/90 and another 20% are <150/90.
  • Attaining 70% control rates in treated patients will move South Carolina to the overall goal of 50% control among all people with hypertension.
  • The Hypertension Initiative invites primary care physicians to track their treatment patterns and patient outcomes through the Initiative's database and feedback reporting system. The Initiative also encourages and supports primary care physicians to become certified Hypertension Specialists through the American Society for Hypertension's (ASH) certification process.