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Office of Space Management Support (OSMS)

Space Inventory - CHEMIS Room Function Codes

These codes and descriptions are indicative of room classifications based on the expected activities occurring in the marked rooms. This listing is adopted from and quotes part of the National Association of Colleges and Universities Business Officers' (NACUBO) Management Reporting and Accounting for Colleges, Second Edition, 1988.  These are commonly referred to as Category or Usage codes.


011 General Academic Instruction
012 Vocational/Technical Instruction
013 Special Session Instruction
014 Community Education
015 Preparatory/Remedial Instruction


021 Institutes and Research Centers
022 Individual and Project Research

Public Service

031 Community Services
032 Cooperative Extension Services
033 Public Broadcasting Services

Academic Support

041 Libraries
042 Museums and Galleries
043 Educational Media Services
044 Academic Computing Services
045 Ancillary Support
046 Academic Administration
047 Academic Personnel Development
048 Course and Curriculum Development

Student Services

051 Student Services Administration
052 Social and Cultural Development
053 Counseling and Career Guidance
054 Financial Aid Administration
055 Student Admissions
056 Student Records
057 Student Health Services

Institutional Support

061 Executive Management
062 Fiscal Operations
063 General Administrative & Logistical Services
064 Administrative Computing Services
065 Public Relations/Development

Operation and Maintenance of Plant

071 Physical Plant Administration
072 Building Administration
073 Custodial Services
074 Utilities
075 Landscape and Grounds
076 Major Repair and Renovations

Scholarships and Fellowships (not used in Facilities)

Auxiliary Enterprises
091 Auxiliary Enterprises - Student
092 Auxiliary Enterprises - Faculty/Staff
093 Intercollegiate Athletics

Independent Operations

101 Independent Operations - Institutional
102 Independent Operations - External Agencies

Hospitals111 Hospitals (clinical)

001 Capable of Use
002 Incapable of Use


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