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Office of Space Management Support (OSMS)

Space Inventory

As an important process used in maintaining the MUSC space database, we conduct surveys of all space (buildings and rooms) on an semi-annual basis and on demand (major renovations, relocations, requests). Locations are coded on their primary usage and allocated to the occupying department that is accountable for the activity conducted in the rooms.  As necessary, additional space surveys/updates may be conducted through an online survey tool by end users.

The space inventory reflects the status of the buildings and the current use of space within those buildings (room data) as defined by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE). In the Fall of each year, the collected information is submitted to the Commission. The data that are gathered in the inventory are structured to provide a variety of reports for institutional use and, where appropriate, for inter-institutional, statewide, or national surveys. In addition, the building and room information database is also the basis for the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate Study, Medicare/Medicaid reports, MUSC colleges' databases, the Medical University Hospital Authority's facilities, and MUSC Health Space utilization, as well as serving as important links to the University Fixed Assets/Property Control system, and the University Engineering & Facilities (Physical Plant) work order system. The space database is also used to generate reports and queries to support user requests.

The campus building floor plans are also maintained in our Office.  Upon request, floor plans and reports may be provided to meet constituent's/customer's needs.


Survey Procedures

The following are steps summerize the process of annual space surveys by this Office.

I. Surveying

A. Departmental liaisons are contacted to set up survey appointments. It is important that these liaisons be knowledgeable enough to walk us through all departmental rooms, and explain each room's use. At this time, they are asked to verify the buildings they occupy space in, if they have acquired any new space since last year's survey, and if they have had any renovations performed since last year.

B. In most cases, two personnel from our Office conduct these surveys, one updating the line drawings as the space is walked, and the other documenting the room uses. Some space may be surveyed by sitting around a conference table verifying the line drawings...usually if there have been no changes in the space from the previous year. During the physical walk through, any changes to the line drawings are documented and new room numbers may be assigned when necessary. When surveying, many steps are taken in sensitive areas, so that patients and research are not disturbed.

III. Cleanup

A. Once the survey appointment is completed, space data is updated in the database.

B. Changes to the line drawings are updated as necessary

C. Once the data entry is complete, verification reports are printed and sent to departmental liaisons for their review and response. If necessary, revised reports are sent again. Though departments are generally only surveyed once every other year by our Office, if significant changes occur in their space throughout the course of the survey year, another walk through(s) may be conducted and verification report(s) sent.




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