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Internal Medicine\Pediatric Residents

KC HeadKC Head, MD George Washington • Fourth Year • Chief Resident

I was looking for a Med-Peds program that offered quality academics, exposure to a wide variety of patients and populations, and (most importantly) a friendly and supportive environment. The moment I landed in Charleston for the interview, I was welcomed by its charm and hospitality. I couldn't have asked for a better match! Over the last three years I have been surrounded by amazing colleagues and teachers who are a wonderful support through the hectic times of residency. MUSC has trained me to be an excellent physician and I can honestly say that I feel prepared to work in any field of medicine or pediatrics in the future. We have a wide range of both inpatient and outpatient experiences here at MUSC and this program is flexible enough for each one of us to be involved in activities of our choosing. For me, quality of care and hospital safety is very important to me. My 3rd and 4th year of residency have allowed plenty of time to participate in quality improvement at the hospital wide level.  My favorite part about living in Charleston is having unlimited access to the beach on my days off. I also enjoy exploring local restaurants with friends and just taking in the beauty of South Carolina on a sunny day.

Mithu MaheswaranathanMithu Maheswaranathan, MDMUSC • Fourth Year • Chief Resident

Having attended medical school at MUSC, I witnessed and experienced the many strengths of our Med/Peds and categorical programs.  Going into the application process, I was interested in exploring many programs and traveled extensively across the East Coast.  After the end of the interview cycle, I realized that MUSC would offer me one of the best experiences possible for residency training: a strong academic program balanced by supportive residents and faculty, a close-knit Med/Peds family with effortless integration with the categorical programs, and a beautiful city to enjoy when out of the hospital.  From the excellent teaching at morning reports to resident-driven abstracts or research projects, or the community bread and butter cases to challenging rare presentations given the large referral area, MUSC offers so many learning experiences for residents in training.  This is a place where faculty and residents are passionate, driven, and supportive with an enthusiasm that is contagious.  I am so happy to continue my medical training here for residency, and hope you come visit us to see for yourself what all MUSC has to offer!
Dustin FowlerDustin Fowler, DO, TCOMMUSC • ThirdYear

Coming from North Texas, where there is a noticeable lack of Med/Peds presence, I afforded myself the opportunity to travel far and wide to find a place that my family and I could call home for the next 4 years. I found myself drawn to programs that balanced both the rigors of incorporating two residency programs, while maintaining a healthy identity as a med-peds physician. The program director, residents, and faculty really stood out to me as people who loved what they do, and are genuinely joyful people to be around everyday. I love how I get to train at a program with expansive resources, yet my experiences are not diluted by competing with large categorical programs. MUSC also has ample fellowship opportunities, and I know that I will have great exposure on both medicine  and pediatrics to subspecialty career choices. All that being said, my wife and I fell in love with this city and the people here. It is such an honor to be a part of the Charleston community, and I love the options of being able to relax at the beach, hit up a new restaurant, or explore a new fishing spot.
Laurie GravesLaurie Graves, MD MUSC • Third Year

My experience as a Med-Peds resident at MUSC has been a wonderful one.  The program is built upon strong categorical Internal Medicine and Pediatrics programs, and we as combined residents integrate well into both departments.  Dr. Mennito, Krista, and the program directors work hard to make sure our training is diverse yet personalized towards our career goals, whether that be primary care, hospitalist or subspecialty medicine, and our smaller program size gives way to a Med-Peds “family” that supports each other in and out of the hospital. Having all this and getting to live in Charleston with beaches and great food makes for a great four years!
Prashant RaghavendranPrashant Raghavendran, DO Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine • SecondYear
At the beginning of the interview process, I honestly did not know how to evaluate a Med/Peds program. I tried to be as open-minded as possible on my trips and gather pros and cons. When I came to MUSC for my very last interview of the season, I finally realized what I was looking for. I was shown a family atmosphere where the colegial relationship between healthcare professionals and patients exuded a level of hospitality I had yet to see on the trail; faculty and staff had an incredible resolve to fight for their residents' needs and career goals. The academic depth and acumen I observed on both sides of the aisle was of the highest quality. MUSC provided a fully equipped academic center with robust specialty departments that allowed for diverse learning opportunities while still maintaining a small-community feel. Most importantly, I found in the small program and on both categorical sides an ease of interaction that would ensure a fun and fruitful four years. I found in MUSC the academic rigor of the East Coast and the idyllic pace of the South in one program. Charleston is a jewel of a city, with historical and cultural overlap yet to be paralleled by a city of comparable size in my estimation. The gastronomy game is giving New Orleans a run for its money in the South, and the almost stifling kindness has no equal. The beaches, of which there are many, can only be described as immaculate.
A small dedicated program with excellent categorical partners in a historical stalwart of a foodie beach town? Pretty hard to beat, if you ask me.
Mason WalgraveMason Walgrave, MD Chicago Medical School Franklin University • SecondYear
What I really wanted going in to residency was a program I thought I could be happy being a part of for the next four years, and I had a list of things that I thought would indicate to me when a program fit the bill. Coming to Charleston, many things indicated to me that it would be easier to be happy at MUSC than anywhere else I applied. I'm originally from a large city, and need enough population to give me diverse characters while at the same time not too large that its constantly hustle and bustle, which Charleston fits perfectly. The food scene I've managed to see thus far has been delicious, the weather is amazing except for one storm I hadn't thought to bring an umbrella for, and the people truly embody southern hospitality. If you are in to outdoors activities, the amount of beach and sunshine through the year should be enough to get you going, and if you are more of a towny, there's plenty to do in one of the older coastal US cities. But while the location is great, the people really make MUSC. The program is small, but incredibly close, from our director and coordinator who are incredibly helpful and supportive, through the other residents who are all ready and willing to help when needed or celebrate when the opportunity is present. People work hard, but don't take themselves to seriously, and the emphasis on educating the residents is very apparent. With strong categorical programs I have no fear that MUSC fosters the development of excellent physicians, but more importantly in the atmosphere of its residency program, it also helps us develop as good people.
Leah Broadhurst, MD – Georgetown University – First Year

I attended medical school in Washington D.C., a large, diverse, fast moving, and exciting city, but I knew that for residency I wanted to "come home" to the South where the people are a little more friendly and things moved a little more slowly! I knew that I wanted to be at a major academic institution that would allow me the opportunity to continue my passion for medical education, and with my background and strong interest in public health, I was also evaluating programs based on the impact they had on the residents of their specific communities. Most importantly, I wanted to feel at home with the people I work with every day. I found all of that at MUSC. I spent the majority of the pre-interview dinner laughing hysterically with the residents and their spouses as we talked about a wide variety of topics. I knew that if I could have this much fun with strangers prior to an interview that working with this group would be equally as fun. There are a variety of  academic strengths of both the pediatrics and internal medicine programs, but I find the most important "strength" to be the people. Everyone is very supportive and interested in helping you be successful. Beyond all of this, Charleston is a great city rich in history and culture which makes it easy to find things to do when you have some time off, like strolling through the Market and finding unique items to decorate your house/apartment or taking a short drive to Folly Beach. I could go on and on, but I think this gives you an idea of why I am happy to be a resident at MUSC. 

Laura Brown, MDLaura Brown, MD – Univ. of South Alabama – First Year

When I began my search for a residency program, I knew I wanted a strong academic medicine program, a diverse pediatric program with a large catchment area, and both in a city that I would enjoy living in for 4 years. Ideally all of these things would occur in an environment with supportive teamwork among residents and approachable eager to teach attending's. I was lucky enough to find all these things at MUSC. As I started my intern year I was blown away with the support I felt from upper-level residents, co-interns, and both our program director and program coordinator (as well as the categorical program directors and chiefs). I have never felt like I was on my own, always had people to ask questions to, express concerns to, and make cafeteria  fro-yo runs with on particularly hard days. Outside the hospital, I have also enjoyed the inclusive nature of both pediatric residents, medicine residents, and our med/peds community. On any given weekend, we have the fortunate dilemma of choosing between hanging out with all three programs (such as rooftop dining with the peds group, brunch with the medicine girls, or a riverdogs game with  our med/peds group). It truly is an amazing feeling being at a place that I am confident will prepare me to be a knowledgeable and compassionate Med/Peds physician, learning from intelligent and kind attending's, all while being able to enjoy the wonders of Charleston.
Susan Evenhouse, MD – MUSC – First Year

After completing four years of medical school at MUSC, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for my Med-Peds residency. After traveling to numerous programs for interviews, I realized that you do not need to be in a huge metropolitan city to be exposed to the full breath of medicine. MUSC serves a huge catchment area and is the referral center for the entire state of South Carolina. Training at MUSC gives you the opportunity to see the "rare zebras" as well as bread and butter medicine and pediatrics. One of the biggest reasons I chose to stay at MUSC were the attending physicians in both the medicine and pediatric departments. There are so many phenomenal faculty members in both departments that are truly dedicated to both teaching residents and modeling exceptional patient care. Of those attending physicians, Dr. Mennito, our program director is truly one of the best.

Now just three months into residency, I am confident that I made a great decision to stay at MUSC. Fitting with my career interests in academic medicine, I have already had the opportunity to be involved in medical student education as an intern. I have completed three phenomenal rotations (NICU, Peds Wards and Ped. Cardiology) and I still have had time to enjoy everything about Charleston (the beach, floating the rivers and the FOOD). If you are thinking about interviewing with our program, do it. You will find this city, this hospital and this program make MUSC a phenomenal place to train and live. 

Patricia Smith, MD – Univ. of Tennessee – First Year
MUSC was my last interview during the application season. I was weary from the gloom of winter, and the sunlight in Charleston was rejuvenating. During the interview day, I had a good feeling about MUSC, and after a very extensive Excel spreadsheet analysis, I understood why. My most important criterion when evaluating programs was the quality of training and how well it fit my learning style. Little details throughout the interview day revealed MUSC’s dedication to resident education. MUSC has a culture that promotes resident education. On the interview trail I learned about the concept of Educational Value Units. EVUs account for time spent educating as a measure of faculty productivity and encourage contribution to education by compensating for that effort. I was very impressed by this idea and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the idea originated from the faculty at MUSC. Throughout the interview day, it became clear that both the Med-Peds program and MUSC as a whole value resident education.  Just a few months into my residency, I am very happy with my decision to train at MUSC. In addition to the productive learning environment, the Med-Peds residents are a tight-knit group that offer support whether you need advice or someone to commiserate with. Dr. Mennito, our incredible Med-Peds program director, is both an enthusiastic and an effective leader. Charleston is a beautiful city, on my busy days, I get a scenic drive home. On my days off, the beach is a short drive from my house and there are a lot of fun things to do in the area, like eating at delicious restaurants, rock climbing at the local gym, and exploring Charleston. Come visit MUSC and see what we have to offer!

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