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SC COBRE in Oxidants, Redox Balance, and Stress Signaling


Cell and Molecular Imaging Core

The Cell and Molecular Imaging Core provides major support in confocal, multiphoton and super-resolution microscopy to COBRE investigators.

Proteomics Core

The Mass Spectrometry Facility and REDOX Proteomics Core provides LC-MS/MS based analyses for the unbiased discovery of differentially expressed and post-translationally modified proteins.  Quantitative proteomic approaches also enable the identification of protein binding partners and drug targets identified in phenotypic drug screens.


Bioenergetics Profiling Core

Normal biology requires energy that is obtained from the controlled breakdown of nutrients to produce highly reactive molecules that are contained within organelles to protect the other cellular constituents – one such organelle is the mitochondrion or “power house” of the cell. The bioenergetics profiling core provides the best tools available to quantify the nutrient breakdown reactions, failures in protective roles that enable reactive species to be released, and the damaged caused that can lead to disease or pathological states.


Analytical Redox Biology Core

The specific aims of the ARB Core are: 1) Provide ROS /RNS identification and quantification using state-of-the-art techniques;  2) Perform quantitative analysis of ROS/RNS (redox molecules and metabolites), including those associated with calcium mobilization and changes in energy metabolism; and 3) Provide expertise and technology for in depth biochemical analysis of thiol-centered enzyme activities and define protein:protein interactions.

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