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SC COBRE in Oxidants, Redox Balance, and Stress Signaling



Heather Boger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Project TitleNovel Therapeutic Strategy for Parkinson's Disease

Nathan Dolloff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Cell and Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Project Title: Targeting redox regulation to overcome proteasome inhibitor resistant Multiple Myeloma

Eduardo Maldonado, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences

Project Title: VDAC Opening Small Molecules to Revert Warburg Metabolism and Induce Oxidative Stress

Mariana Pehar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Cell and Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics

Project Title: Oxidant-induced toxicity of neurotrophins in aging and disease

Gavin Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Project Title: The Response of Cancer Stem Cells to Oxidative Stress