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SC COBRE in Oxidants, Redox Balance, and Stress Signaling

Metabolomics Core

The primary goal of the Bioenergetics Profiling core facility is to support COBRE investigators in the characterization of metabolite fluxes related to cellular redox and primary energy metabolism – the prevalent sources of both the primary and secondary cellular redox species. The facility provides access to traditional, ‘gold standard’ techniques such as isotopomer, radiometric, and spectroscopic analyses. The core is also a development site for the Seahorse Biosciences extracellular flux (XF) fluorometric technology used to measure metabolic fluxes (i.e., oxygen consumption, CO2 and lactate extrusion) in real time using multiwell plates. The basic Seahorse XF applications enable high throughput metabolic measurements with small sample sizes that have transformed the utility of quantitative analyses of metabolic fluxes. Innovative adaptations of the XF technologies developed in the core facility are providing access to real time flux measurements of redox species in cells and tissues and, more importantly, the interrogation of bioenergetics pathways via use of pharmacological or genetic interventions.  We have coordinated these recent strategic technological acquisitions into a core that provides analytical support for the efforts of the COBRE investigators and their collaborators while also extending the technology to suit new efforts and further enable measurements with improved translational potential.

Craig Beeson, Ph.D.
Core Director

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences


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