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Current Faculty

Ann-Marie Broome, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor
Director, HCC Small Animal Imaging Center


2008  M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University

1998  Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Contact Info

Tel: 843-876-2481
Fax: 843-792-4810
Office: BSB 313

Research Interests

The Broome Translational Medicine & Nanotherapeutic Lab integrates molecular biology, molecular chemistry, and molecular physics to bioengineer molecular imaging agents and bio-mimetic drug delivery vehicles.

Our research team combines expertise in areas of nano-material design, cell engineering, biomarker imaging, immunology, surgery, and oncology in order to develop multi-functional nanoparticles.

The overarching premise of our research is that it is possible to create multifunctional nano-therapeutics and post therapy monitoring tools with an emphasis on the development of a reliable nanotechnology-based solution for those organs where disease is characterized by low survival rates.

Recent Publications

  1. McKinnon, E.; Moore, A.; Dixit, S.; Zhu, Y.; & Broome, A-M. (2016) Fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging of cancers. In: Zeineldin, R. (ed): Methods in Molecular Biology. Cancer Nanotechnology: Methods and Protocols. NY: Springer, in press.
  2. Patel, K.; Broome, A-M.; Atkinson, C.; & Nadig, S. (2016) Organ preservation, ischemia reperfusion injury, and nanotherapeutics in transplantation. In: Nadig, S. & Wertheim, J. (eds): Technological Advances in Whole Organ Transplantation. NY: Springer, in press.
  3. Bredlau, A-L.; Dixit, S.; Chen, C.; & Broome, A-M. (2016) Nanotechnology applications for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Current Neuropharmacology. (Feb 23; E-pub ahead of print). [PMID: 26903150] Impact factor: 3.05
  4. Miller, K.; Dixit, S.; Bredlau, A-L.; Moore, A.; McKinnon, E.; & Broome, A-M. (2016) Delivery of drug cache to glioma cells overexpressing platelet-derived growth factor receptor using lipid nanocarriers. Nanomedicine – Future Medicine. 11(6): 581-95. [PMID: 27003178] Impact factor 5.41
  5. Meyers, J.; Chung, Y.; Broome, A-M.*; Agnes, R.S.; Wang, X.; Cheng, S.; Burda, C.*; & Basilion, J.P.* (2015) Peptide-Targeted Gold Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy of Brain Cancer. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization. 32(4): 448-457. (*corresponding author) [PMID: 25999665] Impact factor: 0.81
  6. Dixit, S.; Novak, T.; Miller, K.; Zhu, Y.; Kenney, M.E.; Broome, A-M. (2015) Transferrin receptor-targeted theranostic gold nanoparticles for photosensitizer delivery in brain tumors. Nanoscale. 7(5): 1782-90. [PMID: 25519743] Impact factor: 7.39
  7. Durst, R.; Peal, D. et al. (2015) Mutations in the DCHS1 gene cause mitral valve prolapse in humans. Nature. 525(7567): 109-13. [PMID: 26258302] Impact factor: 29.65
  8. Dixit, S.; McKinnon, E.; Miller, Zhu, Y.; K.; Novak, T.; Kenney, M.; & Broome, A-M. (2015) Dual receptor-targeted theranostic nanoparticles for localized delivery and activation of PDT drug in glioblastomas. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 12(9): 3250-60. [PMID: 26198693] Impact factor: 8.54
  9. Broome, A-M.*; Ramamurthy, G.; Lavik, K.; Liggett, A.; Kistlinger, I.; & Basilion. J.P.* (2015) Optical imaging of targeted beta-galactosidase in brain tumors to detect EGFR levels. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 26(4): 660-8. [PMCID: PMC4437618] (*corresponding author) Impact factor: 4.82
  10. Nadig, S.N.; Dixit, S.; Levey, N.; Miller, K.; Dennis, W.; Atkinson, C.; & Broome, A-M. (2015) Immunosuppressive nanotherapeutic micelles blunt endothelial cell inflammation and immunogenicity in models of transplantation. RSC Advances: 5(54): 43552-62. [PMID: 26167278] Impact factor: 3.71
  11. Patel, K.J.; Atkinson, C.; Broome, A-M.; McGillicuddy, J.W.; Chavin, K.D.; & Nadig, S.N. (2015) Utilization of machine perfusion and nanotechnology for liver transplantation. Current Transplantation Reports. 2(4): 303-11.
  12. Perera R.H.; Solorio L.; Wu H.; Gangolli M.; Silverman E.; Hernandez C.; Peiris P.M.; Broome A-M.; & Exner A.A. (2014) Nanobubble ultrasound contrast agents for enhanced delivery of thermal sensitizer to tumors undergoing radiofrequency ablation. Pharmaceutical Research. 31(6): 1407-17. [PMCID: PMC3925199] Impact factor: 4.46
  13. Shukla, S.; Wen, A.M.; Ayat, N.R.; Commandeur, U.; Gopalkrishnan, R.; Broome, A-M.; Lozada, K.; Keri, R.A.; & Steinmetz, N.F. (2014) Biodistribution and tumor-homing properties of the filamentous plant virus nanoparticle potato virus X. Nanomedicine. 9(2): 221-35. [PMID: 23834501] Impact factor: 5.06
  14. Agnes, R.S.; Broome, A-M.; Kavik, K.; Verma, A.; Wang, J.; & Basilion, J.P. (2012) An optical probe for noninvasive molecular imaging of orthotopic brain tumors overexpressing epidermal growth factor receptor. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 11(10): 2202-11. [PMCID: PMC3829608] Impact factor: 5.23
  15. Perera, R.H.; Krupka, T.M.; Wu, H.; Traughber, B.; Dremann, D.; Broome, A-M.; & Exner, A.A. (2011) Role of pluronic block copolymers in modulation of heat shock protein 70 expression. International Journal of Hyperthermia. 27(7): 672-81. [PMCID: PMC3294295] Impact factor: 2.71
  16. Cheng, Y.; Meyers, J.D.; Agnes, R.S.; Doane, T.; Kenney, M.; Broome, A-M.*; Burda, C.*; & Basilion, J.P.* (2011) Addressing Brain Tumors with Targeted Gold Nanoparticles: A new gold standard for hydrophobic drug delivery. Small. 7(16): 2301-2306. [PMCID: PMC3837553] (*corresponding author) Impact factor: 6.17
  17. Harth, K.C.; Broome, A-M., Jacobs, M.R., Blatnik, J.A.; Zeinali, F.; Bajaksouzian, S.; & Rosen M.J. (2011) Bacterial clearance of biologic grafts used in hernia repair: an experimental study. Surgical Endoscopy. 25(7): 2224-9. [PMCID: PMC3148780] Impact factor: 3.44
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Press Releases & Awards

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