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Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral Training

The department of Pharmacology at MUSC provides a diverse and friendly environment for postdoctoral fellows. Faculty members and fellows are a mixed group with a dozen countries represented, from Sweden and Australia to India and China. Research opportunities within the department are as varied as our researchers and include a broad range of projects (see Faculty Research).

The department offers fellows an opportunity to apply some of the most advanced chemical technologies available to study problems in pharmacology and in basic biological and clinical processes.

MUSC resources available include:

Flow Cytometry

Proteomics Center and Mass Spectrometry Facility

Xray Crystallograpy

Additionally, MUSC is home to both the NCI designated Hollings Cancer Institute and the Gazes Cardiac Research Institute, offering potential collaborations with both clinicians and basic science researchers.

Other campus resources include the Wellness Center at the Harper Student Center.