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MSTP Students

During the first year of graduate training, MSTP students are required to take the following components of the College of Graduate Studies First Year Curriculum:

Essentials of Scientific Practice, I, II, III-CGS 710, 711, 712;
Important Unanswered Questions in the Biomedical Sciences-CGS 760; and
Foundations of Biomedical Science: Receptors and Signaling Unit-CGS 701G.

During the fall of the first year of graduate training, Principles of Pharmacology (PCOL 721) is required.  Clinical Biostatistics MCR-700 is required by the graduate school and can be taken any time during graduate training.  Exemption of this course may be allowed, upon demonstration of competency in statistics.

In addition to the courses required by the College of Graduate Studies, 12 hours of advanced coursework is required for the Ph.D. degree. Completion of these credits may be satisfied by enrollment in Principles of Pharmacology PCOL 721 (4 hr), the Receptors and Signaling Unit-CGS 701G (2hr), a Spring Selective of your choosing (3hr), and elective courses within your area of research interest.

Students are expected to attend the MCBP seminar series, as well as participate in the weekly Pharmacology Department seminar.