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Graduate Training

Graduate Program Curriculum



Biomedical Sciences
First-Year Curriculum
15 h/week, two semesters.


Principles of Pharmacology
With emphasis on evaluation of experimental data.
3-4 h/week, one semester.

Core Pharmacology
Dental, Pharmacy or Medical Pharmacology - providing a knowledge base of the range of pharmacologic actions of therapeutic agents with integrated exposure to physiology.
9 h/week, one semester or 4 h/week, two semesters.

Qualifying Examinations
Written Exam (covering years 1 and 2)
Oral Exam (presenting a research project likely to evolve into a dissertation project)


Two Elective Courses
Journal Club
MCBP Seminar Series

  • Dissertation Committee consists of three members of the Pharmacology Graduate Training Committee or its designee.
  • Students (with consent of mentor) can take any course offered in any of the tracks.
  • Courses taken may be internal or external to the Department.
  • Core Pharmacology course is required prior to taking qualifying exam.
  • Written exams will be crafted to reflect the electives selected by each student.
  • Once qualifier has been passed, any courses of interest and value to a student can be taken, after consultation with the advisor and committee.

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