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Functional Genomics

With the completion of the human genome project the task at hand is to decipher the structure and function of the gene products encoded by the genome. The Functional Genomics Program is concerned with the analysis of transcripts and proteins to understand structure/function relationships and biomolecular interactions of the human gene products. State-of-the-art, high-throuFunctional Genomicsghput techniques such as DNA microarray analysis and 2D chromatography/mass spectrometry are being developed and applied to these studies. Furthermore, bioinformatics approaches are being applied to database mining, computational analyses, and systems modeling. Ultimately the objective is to identify novel drug targets and agents with wide applications in pharmacological sciences Research and training opportunities in the membership laboratories span each of the above categories. Advanced courses in spectroscopic methods, computational biology, molecular modeling and biomolecular structure are offered.

Picture: 2D electropherogram of shrimp hemolymph proteins.

Track Director:

Daniel R. Knapp, Ph.D.