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Mass Spectrometry Facility


Mass spectrometers and associated proteomic applications available include:

  • Thermo Orbitrap Elite with VelosPro Ion Trap MS (CID, HCD, ETD Fragmentation). 
    LC-MS/MS for identification, characterization of modifications, quantitation of differential protein expression or posttranslational modification using SILAC, iTRAQ®, TMT® , or label free approaches. Protein-Protein Interaction Studies.
  • Bruker Rapiflex MALDI Tissuetyper
    MALDI Tissue Imaging
  • Bruker Solarix 7T Dual Source MALDI/ESI FT-ICR MS (CID and ECD Fragmentation)
    MALDI Tissue Imaging, Top-Down Protein Characterization
  • Bruker Autoflex III MALDI-TOF-TOF MS
    MALDI Tissue Imaging
  • Associated HPLC systems (5 LC Packings nano-LC systems and 2 Dionex Probot MALDI Spotters for LC-MALDI)

Bruke Daltronics SolariXTM 70 Hybrid FTMS System with dual ESI/MALDI ion source.



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