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Mass Spectrometry Facility



Fee Schedule

The Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Facility offers mass spectrometry services to both on-campus and off-campus users. The MUSC URRF Committee has set the following fee schedule for use of the Mass Spectrometry Facility:

Facility Run Samples (MUSC Investigators) - $50.00 per hour (minimum 0.5 hr /submission)

Facility Run Samples (Others) - $200.00 per hour (minimum 0.5 hr /submission)

Self Run Samples (MUSC only) - $20.00 per hour (see rules for instrument operators below)

Identification of Proteins Separated by Gel Electrophoresis - Services include automated in-gel digestion, MALDI-TOF-TOF analysis of the resulting fragment peptides, and data interpretation using Mascot® software. As an introductory price, this service is being offered at $100 per sample. If no interpretable MS data is obtained, the charge is reduced to $50.

Investigators should contact Jennifer Rutherford Bethard  for sample preparation information prior to submitting samples.

Rules for Instrument Operators for Self Run Samples:

Operator training will be limited to those persons whose research involves a major component of mass spectrometry and one service operator per laboratory.

A person must have completed the mass spectrometry component of the graduate spectroscopy course or have this requirement waived by facility staff upon evidence of comparable training.

A person must satisfactorily complete operator training by facility staff.

Operators must participate in the Wednesday noon mass spectrometry group meeting.

Operators must comply with facility rules established for instrument operation.

Information on sample preparation.


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