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Pharmacy Services

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Heather Easterling
Heather Easterling, PharmD, MBA
Pharmacy Services
Integrated Center of Clinical Excellence
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Welcome to the MUSC Health Pharmacy Services Integrated Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). Pharmacy Services consists of almost 300 pharmacists, technicians and support staff is dedicated to providing excellent pharmaceutical care to all patients. We live in paradise and thrive at a cutting edge medical center.

We work closely with the MUSC College of Pharmacy to provide education to new pharmacists joining the profession. We also have a residency program with over 30 residents practicing in 13 programs each year.

The Pharmacy Services ICCE is a dynamic, exceptional place to work. You will find a department full of people striving for excellence, accountable for outcomes, adaptable to change and respectful of patients and fellow care team members.


The Mission Statement of the Pharmacy Services ICCE is to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide optimal pharmaceutical care to all patients, to advance pharmaceutical knowledge through educational and scholarly activities, and to promote positive patient outcomes.


The Pharmacy Services ICCE will provide optimal patient care and improve patient outcomes to meet or exceed customer expectations. The ICCE will be recognized for quality and diversity of services, professional leadership, and educational excellence.  We will advance the accessibility of pharmacy services through the innovative use of personnel and technology. Employees will work together to create an exceptional work environment.


  1. Improve patient outcomes and provide the highest standards of pharmaceutical care.
  2. Foster a collaborative approach to medication safety among all disciplines.
  3. Provide an exceptional work environment.
  4. Integrate new technological developments which improve efficiency and safety.
  5. Promote activities to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care.
  6. Expand and promote excellence in pharmacy education.

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