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Katie DeVaul, PharmD
Residency: PGY2 Infectious Disease
PO Box: MSC132
Phone: 843-792-6786
Fax: 843-792-3759
Pager: 843-792-0590, ID 13413

Certificate of Residency Training in Pharmacy Practice, The Ohio State Medical Center, July 2012
Doctor of Pharmacy, Temple University SChool of Pharmacy, May 2011
Associates of SCience in CHemistry, Gloucester County College, May 2007

Dr. DeVaul is originally from South Jersey.  She is currently completing a PGY2 specialty pharmacy residency in Infectious Diseases at MUSC.  Dr. DeVaul hopes to pursue a career in one of her areas of interest, which include Academia and Infectious Diseases.  In her free time, Katie enjoys Tae Bo classes, finding great sales while shopping, trying out as many restaurants in Charleston as possible, and relaxing at the beach with her family and friends.

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