No photo availablePhoto of Dr. Hummel
Heather Hummel, PharmD
Residency: PGY1
PO Box: MSC132
Phone: 843-792-0959
Fax: 843-792-3759
Pager: 843-792-0590, ID 13420

South Carolina College of Pharmacy (Charleston Campus), Doctor of Pharmacy, 2012

Dr. Hummel is originally from Franklin, Pennsylvania.  She is currently completing a PGY1 residency. Dr. Hummel hopes to pursue a career in one of her areas of interest, which include internal medicine and infectious diseases. She also has an interest in academia. In her free time, Heather enjoys playing softball and flag-football in the Charleston sport and social club. She also likes to take advantage of the wonderful local music, art, and food available in the city of Charleston.  

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