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Department of Public Health Sciences


BMTRY 722 : Analysis of Survival Data


This is an introductory course in theory and application of analytic methods for time-to-event data. The methods covered include nonparametric, parametric, and semi-parametric (Cox model) approaches. The topics covered will also include types of censoring and truncation, sample size and power estimation, and a brief introduction to counting process method. Extensive use of R is incorporated and SAS will also be reviewed.


  • Introduction to survival analysis/censoring
  • Basic statistics and functions
  • Parametric models/likelihood construction
  • Kaplan-Meier and Nelson-Aalen estimators
  • Confidence intervals and bands on S(t)
  • Estimation of mean and median survival times
  • Cohort life table
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Sample size and power estimation
  • Proportional hazards regression
  • Regression diagnostics
  • Parametric regression methods
  • Multivariate Survival Data
  • Accelerated failure time models
  • Frailty models
  • Competing risks


BMTRY 700, 701, 706, and working knowledge of SAS.  Typically offered every other summer semester.


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