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Department of Public Health Sciences


BMTRY 737 - Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Diseases


This is an advanced course designed to acquaint students with the use of epidemiology in the study and investigation of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Coronary heart disease: rise and fall of a modern epidemic
  • Contribution of epidemiology to understanding coronary heart disease
  • Established major coronary risk factors
  • The Framingham experience
  • The maternal and infant origins of cardiovascular disease
  • Coronary risk factors in childhood
  • Blood pressure in the elderly/ Coronary heart disease in the elderly
  • Regional variations in coronary heart disease in Great Britain: risk factors and changes in environment
  • Methods in nutritional epidemiology/ Nutrition and international patterns of disease
  • Design and analysis of multicentre epidemiological studies:
  • Linoleic acid, antioxidant vitamins, and coronary heart disease
  • Fish, fibre, and heart disease
  • Diabetes, insulin, ethnicity, and coronary heart disease
  • Obesity and body fat distribution as predictors
  • Exercise versus heart attack: history of a hypothesis
  • The psycho-social environment, stress, and coronary heart disease
  • Sex differences, hormones and coronary heart disease
  • Atheroma and thrombosis in cardiovascular disease:
  • Coronary risk factors and non-cardiovascular disease
  • Strategies of prevention: the individual and the population
  • Reduction of cholesterol-mediated risk: the role of the doctor
  • Cholesterol and coronary heart disease: to screen or not to screen
  • Assessing the evidence: risk and benefits
  • Assessing the evidence: the role of meta-analysis
  • Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease: drug intervention and life-style modification
  • The primary prevention of hypertension and the population blood pressure problem
  • From observation to policy: cholesterol/smoking
  • Monitoring coronary heart disease in the community
  • Changing individual behavior
  • Community programmes in coronary heart disease prevention and health promotion


BMTRY 736 or consent of instructor.  Typically offered every other year in the spring semester.


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