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Department of Public Health Sciences


BMTRY 738 - Design and Conduct of Epidemiologic Studies


An emphasis will be placed on procedures used in the implementation of epidemiological research studies.


  • Instrument testing and validation
  • Sampling
  • Survey data collection
  • Sample representation and case-weighting
  • Survey Quality Control
  • Data management
  • Data analysis, results and interpretation
  • Introduction/Assessment issues of hypertension
  • Review of study designs/research protocol
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Ethics IRB process
  • Use of vital records/survey instrument design
  • Hospital discharge/geographic information systems
  • Hypertension-End-Stage renal disease risk
  • VA hypertension study
  • Cancer registries
  • Clinical measurements in pulmonology
  • Reliability in clinical measurements
  • Administrative databases and assessment of clinical practice
  • Assessment of fetal origin of chronic diseases
  • Assessment of familial clustering and genetics
  • Use of epidemiology disease attorneys
  • Measurement I – Questionnaire
  • Measurement II – Types of measures


BMTRY 736 or consent of instructor.  Typically offered every other year in the spring semester.


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